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A few quick questions about the MMCS system from a potential new buyer

olivarulezolivarulez Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Mitsubishi
Hello all,

I took an '08 Outlander XLS out for a test drive this past weekend and was pretty much liking everything about the vehicle. I had two questions for the salesman about the MMCS navi system though that stumped him and I don't think he even knew what I was talking about, so I stumbled across this forum and was hoping someone here could answer a couple quick questions. If these have been posted before, forgive me...

First, I had asked him if the MMCS will allow playback of MP3s burned onto a DVDR. He said he was pretty sure it would. After a quick glance at the MMCS manual it pretty much seemed to state that you have to use CD-Rs though but didn't really say anything about DVDs.

Second I had asked if I could take a CDR or a DVDR with MP3s on it and just have the MMCS system copy the files to the HDD. He said he was pretty sure that could be done too, but I have a feeling the only way of copying audio to the HDD is with an actual audio CD and it won't just "copy" MP3s or WMAs to the HDD.

I'd guess one of the Outie owners here could answer these two quick questions in a minute or so. I'd appreciate knowing before I make my final decision. Currently I have a USB-equipped head unit installed in my vehicle and it almost seems like the MMCS would be taking a step back as far as audio usability is concerned. I love being able to pop in a USB flash drive into the unit and just taking off. I know the MMCS is pretty to look at and has all kinds of little bells and whistles, but is it really worth getting this unit over the standard stereo?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out here with this.


  • comem47comem47 Posts: 399
    First off I do not have the Navi system in my 2007 LS and will defer to someone who knows for sure, but I get the feeling from many people that the map updates are not kept up to date as they should be and you'd be better off with a Garmin (far cheaper and I hear more accurate). I passed on getting this system myself feeling cost of this package wasn't justified and just got the Sun and Sound package (at least that option alone was offered in 2007) so I got the Rockford Fosgate sound system with sunroof and plug in my MP3 player to supplement the 6 diskCD player that comes with it and the Sirius Radio. The location is a bit strange (rca jacks in the rear of the center armrest facing the passengers in the back seat) but is doable with the appropriate adapter cable brought up to the front and left there for my MP3 player to plug into. I love the sound of the system, but really hate the fact the red LEDs are unreadable in sunlight of any amount. Once again, not having the Navi package I believe you may be correct in guessing that CDs only get copied, but maybe we have someone in this group to verify for sure
    Good luck in your decision.
  • Thanks for the reply. I was able to find the MMCS manual online and downloaded it. I did find that the MMCS system WILL NOT copy MP3s or WMA files from a CD-R or DVDR to the hard drive of the music server. It will only copy/rip music to the HDD from an audio CD that answers one of my questions. The MMCS manual, however, does not state that it won't play MP3s off of a DVDR...but, it does say that to play MP3 files off a disc the owner must use a CD-R or CD-RW, leading me to assume that it probably does not play or read data DVDR discs of any kind...

    I had read several reviews of people complaining about the visbility of the non-NAVI 6 CD in-dash unit so you are definitely not alone. I did not test drive an Outlander with the non-navi unit though so I can't judge how bad the visibility is.

    I did not realize that the aux input jack was also included with the standard 6 CD changer...the salesman told me that option was only available with the NAVI system and was used to plug in another video source like a TV tuner or a video game console. I wonder if that is an option or does that come standard with the Rockford system? I would definitely want an AUX input though no matter if I chose the NAVI/MMCS or the 6-CD stereo. I don't think either system is going to completely satisfy me the way my current head unit does that has a USB input which I absolutely love.

    Thanks for your reply and if anyone else here has any further input it would be appreciated.
  • comem47comem47 Posts: 399
    If you read through the posts in history out there in one of the Outlander subj titles (maybe this one) someone came back and told me at one time the Aux input is part of the Rockford Fosgate package only and not part of the regular 6 CD player.
    (they didn't have an Aux input jack)

    I absolutely love the clean sound of the RF sound package with the sub woofer, but you would have to decide if "flying blind" during the day is something you could live with I've learned ro live with it, but Mitsubishi really should do something about this display (it's also used in their other vehicles with RF sound system).

    A few other nits are the mileage computer always resets itself if the vehicle is left
    idle for over 4 hrs. (so you have to drive a few miles with it telling you that you are averaging say 9 mpg, before it finally catches up again and displays what you currently are getting (pretty accurate once you get to this state). I also found you can't reset the oil change mileage indicator to zero. It seems to always increment forward (so it will ad on something like 6000 to 7500 miles to the current display. If you bump it again by mistake it will increment yet again with no way to go back (at least that I found) For some people these flaws are unacceptable and I understand, but other than that I really like my LS 4WD (I preferred no rear seat and regular profile tires on how I use my CUV so I didn't get an XLS and saved some $)
  • toomanyfumestoomanyfumes S.E. Wisconsin Posts: 1,019
    comem47 how do you reset your oil change indicatior? I also have an '07 LS 4WD with the sun and sound but without the NAV. I've asked on this forum before and got answers from people with the NAV screen.

    My oil change indicator shows a wrench and the word off, and it has since I bought the vehicle.
    2012 Mustang Premium, 2013 Lincoln MKX Elite, 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander.
  • comem47comem47 Posts: 399

    the procedure is documented in the owners manual. I don't have it handy at the moment , but from memory you get to the wrench icon with the car off (I believe key is in, but not on) and depress the button for a few seconds so it flashes and then you do it again. Once again this DOES NOT RESET the mileage, but rather will increment the service interval reminder by several thousand miles. Not worth the effort in my book and maybe something you don't wish to do anyway. The dealer may have a secret way to do an actual reset with a scanner tool, but I don't wish to travel to them each time for an oil change when I'd rather put in my own synthetic oil at far cheaper prices. There is also a mode you can get into where you set the parking brake first when you activate the wrench icon to change preferences, but I tried it for the fuel computer and it gets automatically reset to the factory default the next time you turn the car on anyway. (I was hoping to place it permanently into manual reset mode to keep the thing from resetting automatically after 4 hrs) This system is very unfriendly with the defaults chosen and I refuse to pay the dealer, even if they can custom tweak it. (my wife's Malibu
    is a very user friendly system when it comes to this and Mitsubishi should take note)
  • toomanyfumestoomanyfumes S.E. Wisconsin Posts: 1,019
    Thanks, I'll try. I tried going by the manual but didn't have much luck. Like you said, not a very user friendly system.
    I've had the dealer change the oil but they never set the display. I want to try to change the oil myself because the last two times I took it there I had to go back because the oil was leaking.
    2012 Mustang Premium, 2013 Lincoln MKX Elite, 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander.
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