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DiGi Chip? For Jeep Liberty.

jeepboy08jeepboy08 Member Posts: 49
edited March 2014 in Jeep
I recently watched a video on youtube and saw that the Jeep Liberty in the video had something by the name of "DiGi Chip."

Can anyone tell me what that is, or what it is used for. Any information is useful. [:


  • caribou1caribou1 Member Posts: 1,354
    I looked at the video and compared to how my old truck behaves, I think there are three points to consider:

    1- there is no shifting hesitation (this is probably due to a programmed absence of emissions control during heavy acceleration),

    2- RPM reach around 4000 instead of 3600 (I can do this using the shifter for 2nd gear and O/D button for 3rd gear),

    3- if this guy isn't accelerating downhill his truck won't last long ;)

    You should also notice he is in 4WD/Full time. If he really had much more power the speedometer would show even greater acceleration because the speed sensor is on the rear differential :surprise:

    Mine only gave 150HP when it was new and today I can reproduce an equivalent acceleration sound :P
  • jeepboy08jeepboy08 Member Posts: 49
    wait... So it doesn't help? Also, remember that he has a CRD. I have the 3.7L
  • caribou1caribou1 Member Posts: 1,354
    Yes, this is only for CRDzzz
    You can re program the engine controller not to react to emission control sensor values (understand the EGR system with it's butterfly valve and the two Lambda sensors), the gearbox shifting sequence to reach 4000 rpm instead of 3600, etc...
    If you floor the throttle pedal while in Neutral, the engine will rev up to 4000 rpm. When a gear is engaged it doesn't go above 3600.
    Without the EGR messing up performance, this tranny shifts and locks it's converter really fast. Mine reacts to the pressure of a toe :blush:
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