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I am looking at getting a mazda5, but I find their color options somewhat limiting. I live in Houston, TX so it is very hot so a light exterior and interior color is a must. If you want a light interior color, you have to get a white, red, or 'golden sand metallic' exterior. I've seen the white and red which are ok, but I really want a silver or tan ext with a light int...which led me to the 'golden sand metallic' . On the website it looks very cool, but I've heard it looks 'different' in real life. Some people like it, others really don't. I live in houston and there are only 2 listed available withing 50 miles of me (they are 40 miles away). Can anyone comment on this color? I can only find pictures on the mazda website of it...I guess it isn't that popular...


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    Imagine what cooked lima beans look like (green), then add metallic flakes and a clear coat.
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    I have a 2008 Mazda5 Touring in golden sand metallic and have received several compliments on the color. I guess color is in the eyes of the beholder, but I think it's really very nice. It would be a good choice.
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    This is the closest to what I've seen on the street. I don't like it, but I have heard the same arguments with my 06 (carbon gray) and 08 (stormy blue mica) all the time. It is just a matter of taste I guess so if you like it, buy it :P


    Now, for hot areas, also consider this, I really like it: - x-2008_Mazda5_DC.JPG
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    The actual color is much lighter than in this photo. It might be more accurate on the Mazda website. You could get their brochure. It's pretty accurate in there.
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    Oh man, that will be then difficult. It may also depend of the time of the day! I've seen 2 cars on that color after work (5-6PM'ish), with no sun hitting them directly. That happens to my Stormy blue mica, it looks much lighter under sunlight... :surprise:

    Oh well, best of luck!
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    We took delivery of the Golden Sand a few weeks ago. We also had the same feelings - several reviewers and posters at various forums were turned off by the colour (one reviewer used the phrases "asparagus pee" and "sunlit grinch"). We are quite happy with the colour choice now - the other colours available didn't do it for us, it's a light colour, and it's a bit unique. Still, it's all in the eye of the beholder. What I have noticed though is that some of the European Mazda5 clips available on youtube feature this colour (though it doesn't help to search Golden Sand Metallic). You might get a better idea from watching a few of those.
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    I just got a GT in Golden Sand Metallic and really like it. It's essentially the same color as the Silver Pine Mica on the Prius, and looks really good. The other colors didn't look right to me--maybe the silver--but I liked this color more. It's like a light pine or light emerald, without much yellow at all.
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    I would prefer a nice silver color, but mazda cleverly makes it with only a black interior. I simply refuse to get a black interior in houston,tx. Other people may like black interior, but for a family car in 100 degree temp, you need cool interiors.

    The picture looks better than expected. I have a desert tan camry that is somewhat similar, without the greensih tint to it. I am interested in seeing it at a dealer...just not driving 40 miles to it...

    Thanks for the photo!
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    Look what I found...

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    If I actually saw sand that color on a beach, I don't think I would swim there. However, I think this color is terrific on the 5. We saw the Mazda5 in black first, and didn't like it. For some reason, the pale green makes it look like an entirely different car, and we couldn't get it out of our minds. Just had to buy it.
    Don't get me wrong, I didn't buy the car for the color (or cup holders for that matter); The Mazda5 had what I needed in a vehicle. 1. Cargo area that would easily handle items 6 feet long. 2. Good gas mileage. 3. Comfort for long trips. 4. Reasonable (relatively speaking) price. 5. A few "creature comforts" (power windows, fog lamps, sliding side doors, easy open hatch, etc.).
    I also did my research and test drove odyssey, sienna, and a few others. Town & Country had the lowest price, but the consumer reviews told the agony of ownership. Too much of a gamble. The others were nice, but this "Golden Sand" Mazda5 spoke to us like no other vehicle. It looks more like a "New Leaf Green" to me. And we've had a LOT of compliments on the color.
    I never knew a van could be such a fun car to drive!
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    Couldn't agree with you more! I also have a 2008 in Golden Sand and have also received many compliments on the color. It's a fun car to drive and comes with anything you'll need.
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