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Mitsubishi Diamante Warped Rotors,Brakes Vibration

dpompeidpompei Member Posts: 11
edited March 2014 in Mitsubishi
Welcome to this topic.

It is apparent that there is a real problem with
warping rotors on the Diamantes as experienced by
numerous owners. I am one of those owners that has
repeatedly tried to get the problem fixed. The
history is well documented in the other Diamante
topics. You can look over the prior Diamante,
Diamante II, and Diamante III threads in SEDANS to
review the history of the problem.

Use the "find" feature on your browser to search
the posts for "brakes" and "rotors" in those
threads. You will see that there have been many
owners complaining about this problem.

To date, Mitsubishi has not adequately addressed
the problem except to blame the dealers,
mechanics,everybody but themselves. This, combined
with Mitsubishi's recent cover-up problems, makes
many of us wonder what is going on.

A similar thread was started on the Olds Alero in
May 2000, which also had a serious rotor warping
problem. By Sept 2000, GM had issued a TSB
replacing rotors of any customers who had the
problem with upgraded, improved rotors to eliminate
warping, at no charge.

Please post specific experiences, issues with the
D brake rotors here, until all the owners with the
problem feel it has been solved fairly.


  • eboys3eboys3 Member Posts: 1
    I bought a 97 ls and I've run into the same rotor problems and everyone else. I bought the car used and the dealer was quick to say that it was due to everything but themselves. I love the car, but the problems with the rotors are very annoying to say the least. I'm lost as what to do now.
  • bgabel1260bgabel1260 Member Posts: 135
    Same thing happened to my Ford Contour. Turns out that the quickie-place that rotated my tires tightened the lug nuts too much. Check the specs in the manual and check the torque with a torque wrench...or take it to a reputable dealer and tell them to check the lug nut tightness.
  • grahamkgrahamk Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1993 Diamante ES with antilock brakes, which I purchased new. I have replaced the rotors, but they continue to develop problems. Has anyone been able to install aftermarket upgrade brakes on a 1992-1995 Diamante?
  • jayguyjayguy Member Posts: 6
    I've got a '92 Diamante and we've been experiencing the same problems. Just had the brakes & rotors replaced in the summer by an imported car specialist whom I consider to be topnotch. I took it to him in the first place because the rotors were warped and getting worse and within a month after the new ones were on, they warped also. I guess the only solution is to actually take it to a Mitsubishi dealership and pay the inflated fees to have it done there with genuine Mitsubishi parts... that way if they warp again I can at least complain that they were Mitsubishi parts installed by a Mitsubishi mechanic.
  • neilioneilio Member Posts: 2
    I have a 1993 Diamante LS w/Euro Pkg, I have the antilock package aswell as the traction controll. I have had my brakes fixed 2 times! I am so upset at the problem that I cannot even began to tell you what I would like to do to my car! However, I love the way the suspension handles and the safety features that are included in the vehicles manufacturing. I guess I will await a recall before I spend another cent!!!
  • neilioneilio Member Posts: 2
    I know for a fact that you can purchase aftermarket rotors, there is a company by the name of Brembal brakes and rotors. However there equipment is very expensive, I was going to upgrade to their parts until all I saw were $$$$$ signs approximately $3,500.00 worth. You might want to do a search on the net under aftermarket car parts be specific e.g. brakes/rotors for foreign automobiles.
    ps forgive the mispellings on the above Diamante w/Euro pkg, I really can spelllll.:-)
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