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Civic Si or Acura RSX Type-S?

nitrousxlnitrousxl Posts: 12
I am looking for a used car and am trying to decide between an 06-08 Civic Si or an 06 Acura RSX Type-S. The RSX seems a little faster while the Civic seems to handle better. The RSX gets better gas mileage on paper, but I think that was before the EPA changed its standards, so which really gets better mileage? Also which is more reliable? Finally some Si reviewers said they felt sorry for anyone who bought an RSX; how come? The Acura is a bit stronger and lighter.


  • cz75cz75 Posts: 210
    How is the Acura stronger?
  • nitrousxlnitrousxl Posts: 12
    The RSX has 210 hp and 143 lb-ft of torque while the Civic has 197 hp and 139 lb-ft.
  • cz75cz75 Posts: 210
    Oh, I thought you were talking about chassis rigidity, and that's something I don't believe the RSX-S can compare with to the Si, being an older design without the ACE enhancements of the Civic. You're also off on the power, which is just 201hp and 140 ft-lbs. of torque, per SAE J1349 (08/04). Officially, the two differ by 4hp and 1 ft-lbs. under the new standard. Unofficially, the Si actually has more power in non-scientific dyno comparisons. It still weighs more and, thus, the RSX-S is marginally faster.
  • nitrousxlnitrousxl Posts: 12
    I thought the 2006 RSX had more power than the older versions (some sources say 210 hp and 143 lb-ft while others say 201 hp and 140 lb-ft, which is pretty confusing)? Anyway I'm probably going to go with the Civic because it looks a little sharper IMO and I like the interior better (the dash on the Honda is awesome and leather seats tend to make you slide all over the place in high-speed turns). Also how does the stereo compare? The Honda's has more power but the Acura's is a Bose...
  • cz75cz75 Posts: 210
    Bose Blows. Of all the lousy car and home stereos I've heard, Bose has more than their fair share, as well they should when charging big bucks for paper cone speakers. d-the-fury.pdf

    "Lou Reed 'would pay money not to listen to [Bose speakers].'"
  • I have a 2005 RSX type S and a 2007 Si coupe. I prefer the RSX interior with its classic instrument cluster plus and leather seats. Both cars are fun to drive. My wife thinks the Si is faster. I think that RSX has better handling and is a touch quieter, so it only seems slower.

    RSX gas mileage is real. I got 32 mpg highway on a recent trip - and that was averaging 75 mph on the interstate. I just got the Si last month, so I really don't have a good track record on that yet.
  • The Civic Si actually has a wider final gear than the RSX. So technically, the RSX is indeed faster while the Civic could THEORETICALLY get better gas mileage. In essence, the RSX is actually a better car than the Civic, in terms of build quality and suspension tuning as well. However, the Civic Si has much more to offer for the money, as a fully equipped one will cost some 4 grand cheaper than an equally equipped NEW RSX Type S.

    As for the MPG, I owned an 05 RSX Type S... and I managed 37 mpg on a trip from the DC area to NY and back... on one tank of gas. Meanwhile... if you're seeing people say it has 210 or 201 HP... they're both right. The EPA standards changed back in 2004 when the government mandated that ethanol be introduced into fuel... therefore lowering performance and fuel mileage. Quite frankly I find it most interesting that the only claimed benefit to ethanol in fuel is the cleaner burning... because it seems the consumer loses all around otherwise, both in cost and performance.

    Anyhow, the gear box on the Si feels a tad better than the RSX... but not by much. The RSX is a much more practical car to live with because of its hatch back. I'm sorry I can't live with a small trunk again (2001 Prelude). The RSX does not offer navigation, while the Si does. However, I'd rather take the Garmin Nuvi than the crap that honda puts in their cars. Either car has excessive wind noise and a harsh/hard right on long trips.

    The RSX Type is is about as close as you will get to the JDM Integra Type R. It has both the Type R cams and the Type R exhaust tip... (not that it really matters if you're going to modify it otherwise).

    It all depends on what you're going for. If you're looking for a tuner car... get the RSX Type S. You can pick a used one up cheaper than a new Si, and they're more practical... AND lighter in the end.
  • i just pick up a used 06 si for 14 grand at 20k milage
    and also saw a 06 type s for 15 at 50k milage
    seems like a no brainer. yes rsx can be a tuner car but with not much source
    while you can do the basics bolt ons and appearence wise on both cars
    but the si have more feature and more parts
    u even have cobb tuning acessport and hondata either that you can get a relash for the ecu while the type is only offer the reflash from hondata and probly the k pro to
    si come stock lsd while type s doesnt
    si has better sound system way better while the type s gives u a shoe box size sub woofer that you can barely hear and an acient tape deck with 6 disc cd changer that cant even play mp3 i mean come on, older cars gives u mp3 and ipod options, where did acura went wrong. so anyway type s looks sharper and more luxury due to the leather seats and classic dash
    while the si gives u the hunger for power and better choice for tuning since its performance parts has flooded the market
  • jg88jg88 Posts: 59
    Looked at both, picked an '02 rsx/s and love it. However, I'd go for a low mileage '04 type s and avoid the '06. For some reasons, the '06 got really bad ratings in consumer reports while the years before did fine.

    Instead of the civic, check out the mazda 3 2.3 touring with manual, these things are very nice all around.
  • Lets say there both used with more than 80k miles...Which one do you think is better for a turbo kit, preferably turbonetics??
  • Id go with Neither, and scoop up the 02-05 SI "Last of the" Hatchbacks. On paper both the RSX and the 06+ SI's are faster. But there was a few changes that effect this.. 1. The 02-05 SI's are lighter, at 2606 LBS compared to the 06+ which weighed in at 2945. 2. The RSX was measured using the old method, so while it looks like it has more power it does not.. it is pretty much the same.. they changed the method of measuring performance the same time they changed the MPG measurement. 3. TOP GEAR the UK edition tested all three of these cars together and the 02-05 SI walked all over both the 06+ SI and 02-06 RSX, stating that the 02-05 SI was not only more fun to drive, but it was better on gas, feels faster, handles better, brakes better, and the interior felt more expensive.. So honestly i would get the last of the hatches if i were going to buy one..

    Lastly, and a side note, there are HSB (Honda Service Bulletin's) on crunches into 3rd gear on the 6-speed. (Im sure there are SI owners on here who can confirm this) There are also notices on issues with the VTEC controller failing on some cars.. I would stay clear of the 06-11. And the 12 since it is UGLY as sin! Just my 2cents.. Best of luck..
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