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Volkswagen Tiguan MPG Real World Numbers


  • saafedt1saafedt1 Posts: 1
    When is the TDI model coming to US?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    It should be showing up this Spring but global economic woes may delay that.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • gordon17gordon17 Posts: 7
    Just bought a use Tiguan SEL with 6500 miles on it. A trip to Maine last weekend netted 28.8 mpg. 180 miles - mostly highway and with cruise control set at 67mph.
    Overall since I got it is 25.5 mpg. Love this vehicle.
  • dirletondirleton Posts: 1
    On your overall average of 25.5 mpg on your Tiguan, did you use premium or regular gas?
  • gordon17gordon17 Posts: 7
    I used premium gas.
  • can you use regular 87 in the tiguan?
    I hate the thought of using premium $$$
    I'm considering this vs the forester or outback.

    how are repairs or regular maintenance on these?
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    according to 2010 epa guide on, yes you can use 87 octane in the tiguan,
    premium gas is recommended not required.
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Posts: 498
    Go with the manufacturer's recommendations. What does the label affixed to the inside of your fuel filler door state? Is premium required or recommended?

    You can prob use regular, but may sacrifice performance. I'd say "may" because I haven't seen any articles or reports that state conclusively that Tiguan performance is affected. I've always heard that it does. I'd really be interested in seeing test results RE premium vs regular gasoline.

  • I've never used 87 octane in my Tiguan but have used the 89 octane with no adverse effects. Supposedly you loose performance with the lower grade because the Tiguan's computer adjusts the timing for lower grade gas.

    I also was concerned about the cost of premium gas for the Tiguan when I was looking for a new car. But I calculated the difference between the cost of premium and regular and considered the Tiguan to be worth the $200 a year extra. I'm glad I choose the Tiguan SEL. It's far and away better than the other options.

    The latest Consumer Reports ratings gives the Tiguan one of its highest ratings in the crossover SUV category. Its safety rating was very high as well as its reliability rating.
  • I haven't done an exact calculation but it's around 25 MPG. I only use premium fuel. And I love love love my Tiguan!
  • crazedcommutercrazedcommuter Posts: 281
    edited January 2013
    What type of MPG is the Tiguan getting? I'm looking for a 2013 either manual or auto and curious on mileage. I drive about 100 miles round trip daily and was wondering if this would be the right vehicle gas-wise.
  • I have a 2013 Tiguan SEL 4 Motion, with a ski rack. I get about 21 mixed driving overall. On highway I get about 25, city driving about 19. I use only premium, and consider this to be about average with competitors with AWD (CR-V, Rav-4, Escape, CX-5); however the Tiguan is far quicker and more powerful.
  • fred25fred25 Posts: 92
    How many miles do you have on you Tiguan
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