AC fan will not turn off

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I am really hoping someone here can help me. I do not know much about vehicles and unfortunately I do not have the money to take it the shop right now.

The vehicle is a 2000 Chevy Blazer.

My AC fan will not stop blowing even when the engine is completely off, no key in the ignition and all the switches are turned off. The air that is blowing is warm and it is coming from the front feet sections only. I discovered this after going back out the to car and discovering my battery was dying. I had to get a jump to get it to run again.

Right now, we are disconnecting the battery after each time we use it so it will not drain it again.

We went through all the fuses in the fuse box located under the hood, but removing those made no impact so unless there are some other fuses anyone knows of hidden under the hood, I am guessing it can not be a fuse. A friend said he knew someone that had the same problem with his vehicle (not the same type) and it was something called the A/C clutch relay switch. I looked in the manual, but could not figure out where that would be located cause the diagram in the book did not look the same as the same vehicle we have. I am guessing it might have been one of the fuses we tried pulling earlier that did not do anything. If it is not one of these and some one knows where we can find it, please let me know and I will try that too.

I am hoping it is not a loose wire because I am not sure how I could test these or even where most of them are located. However, it is starting to seem like that might be the only thing it could be.


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    I started having the same problem with my 1997 Chev. Blazer, LT. It has done it twice in the last two weeks.

    The way I have to turn it completely off,is first turn the a/c switch off, then wait about 1 to 2 minutes, start the car again, let it run a few seconds, then turn it off.

    The last time it happened it took me 3 trys, but make sure you look at the battery gage on the dash. The gage needle should be all the way to the left, showing there is no current. If you notice, when the blower is still blowing with the car off, the needle is up, that's why your battery goes dead.

    My husband is a retired mechanic, which is good for me, but he is puzzled about what is going on. We had problems with the air bag light staying on at first, then he used his scanner, it told him alot of codes, which basicly said, alot of things are not communicating correctly. He reset the computer, the light went off for a week, now it's back on, then off, etc.

    Now that the a/c blower stays on, sometimes, he is starting to believe it is in the ignition switch under the dash.

    He bought one, and plans on replacing it this weekend.

    I'll let you know, how it goes.
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    Cool, thanks for responding. Hopefully that will fix it for you, if it does, I will give it a try too.


    We have checked every fuse again that we could find and it is definetley not one of the fuses we can see. If it is not what you said, then I am getting scared it is the wiring which means I might have to take it to a shop.

    The actual AC is now turning on and off on its own sometimes when I am driving as well which does seem like it might mean a short.

    It also no longer stays on every time we turn it off, it not only does it about half the time.

    Also, although doors/hood shutting never affected it before, it is now sometimes turning it off (when the car is already off and no key in ignition).

    Oh and I found a better way to turn the thing off. Instead of unplugging the battery, I can unplug the main AC wire. It is much faster and easier to do. Wahoo!!! My boyfriend has the blazer right now, but when he gets home I will have him try turning it off and waiting for a minute or 2 and then restarting it.


    I will wait till I hear back from you before I do anything else and hope it is what you said. If it is, then it is something I can do myself or can get someone to do for me which will save me a lot of money.
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    Sorry, it has taken so long to get back. Well here is the answer you have been waiting on.

    My blower fan has stopped staying on after I turn the car off. So it must of been the ignition switch.

    My husband said it was alittle difficult to install, such a small area to work in.

    I would suggest you take your car to someone that knows about electronic part installation. Good luck. I hope it helps.
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    Cool, thanks for the update.

    Means I will have to take it somewhere to get fixed, but on the bright side, I can finally stop playing with wires and stuff. :)
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    I have a 2000 Chev Blazer which I just Bought. When I turn the heat on and the blower it seems to work fine. But as soon as I start driving the blower sounds like it gets blocked and stops blowing strong. I cheched under the hood and found that the air conditioning was on and that the hose and dryer were completely ice up.The controls were set for heat.Has any one encounterred this problem and if so can you help me find a solution. Thanks
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