Ford Ranger Transmission swap

roue20roue20 Member Posts: 1
Can the TK5 transmission be easily put into a Ford Ranger 3.0litre with a TK4 transmission?
cheers, Eric


  • bob110bob110 Member Posts: 3
    Can I mix and match manual 5 speed trannys? I have a 96 ranger 4cyl/5speed with a bad transmission.
    Can I replace that tired tranny with a 5 speed from a ranger/mazda 6cylinder?
  • james241james241 Member Posts: 1
    i have a 2000 ford ranger with a 3.0 liter and its 4wd automatic transmission heard a clunk when put in drive now to get truck moving have to keep reving truck untill it finnaly catches once you manage to get it moving it will work okay untill you have to start again. not driving it now DO YOU THINK I HAVE TO REPLACE TRANSMISSION OR CAN THIS BE REPAIRED?
  • abarnhamabarnham Member Posts: 1
    This is probably too late for an answer but after the truck warms up, it will not go when using drive. So I put mine in 1st after it warms up and then shift up and the tranny works good until I take it out of drive and I have to use 1st again. I changed the oil and filter and added Lucas to no avail.
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