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2008 Equinox Sport - Cylinder Head Problem

ravens23ravens23 Member Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in Chevrolet
I just purchased a 2008 Equinox Sport and it now has 6,000 miles on it. The "check engine" light came on and I took it to the dealer. They state that it has a faulty cylinder head and they need to replace. I thought this was very extreme for a new vehicle but the dealer states there is a GM service announcement to replace the cylinder head when this particular code is set [from the check engine light].
Should I be concerned or glad they caught it early on? I am trying to keep an open mind and realize that mechanical failures do occur.. but on a new vehicle with 6k miles??


  • advancez28advancez28 Member Posts: 1
    what size motor do those have?
  • rvothrvoth Member Posts: 147
    You should be glad GM did this for the 3.6. One gentleman in the Cadillac forum had a similar problem with just 2100 miles on his new 08 CTS with the same 3.6 liter engine. I believe it had to cylinders that were not operating, antifreeze was leaking into the cylinder . The dealer stood up for the gentleman and GM replaced the whole engine, GM just wanted to replace the cylinder heads but a new 3.6 engine was the correct thing .
    It's easier and smarter to replace components ( heads) of the engine rather than fixing a bad valve or what ever it is. I believe that GM is finally correcting poor repair decisions made in the pass, rather than just nickel and diming the problem until it's corrected which is a great hassle to the customer. This way GM can take back the cylinder head a find the source of the problem, if it's in manufacturing or the assemble process that has caused the problem to occur. This engine (3.6 VVT) is the backbone for GM in just about all of the mid size cars and midsize SUV's and they cannot have any massive problems with the quality control now because this would be the final stake through their heart .

    The plant where this engine is made is at the Defiance engine foundry plant which runs seven days a week turning out something like 700 to 1000 engines and cylinder heads a day. It has become one of the must automated engine plants in the world with GM spending millions in upgrading to robots that remove excess material from the casing after it's been poured . A heavy lifting ,thankless and dangerous job which now is done by robots and inspected by employes for defects before being shipped to two assemble plants. All of the 3.6 engines from these assemble plants go into Cadillac CTS,STS,SRX, Acadia , Enclave ,Traverse, Outlook, Equinox and Torrent sport, Malibu, VUE,and G8'. They(3.6) are assembled in Flint Mich and at St Catherines in Ontario and then shipped to varies assemble lines in North America. It is a World Class engine (3.6 VVT) that's making the GM very competitive against other manufactures world wide.

    What else, sometimes this stuff happens and hopefully the problem has been cured.
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