Ford Explorer Stuck CD, turns on and off

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I have a 2003 Explorer. The stock stereo is a single CD player. A CD got stuck and won't eject (it's a cd that I've been listening to for months). The weird thing is that it tries to read the cd for about 1 second and then switches to the radio for about 10 seconds, than goes back and tries to read the cd.

When I turn on the stereo it takes me to the AM band and resets the clock. My presets are still the same. Also, if I turn up the volume, when it tries to read the cd and goes back to the radio, it will reset the volume to a lower level.

I've tried disconnecting the battery for about an hour to see if it would eject the cd when I powered it back up, but that didn't work.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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    can you see the cd? i have a 6 cd that occasionally has a cd that gets stuck.
    2 methods have worked so far.
    when it is trying to eject, give the top of the dash a whack with your fist.
    this actually does work, but not all the time.
    other thing to do, my daughter showed me this one, is stick a credit card on top of the cd and exert a bit of downward pressure. i got one out over the weekend with that method.
    good luck!
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    I think I must have first heard the "whack the dash" trick from you, Explorerx4.

    More hints here:

    How to Remove a Stuck CD
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    Hi, I have a 02 Eddie Bauer Explorer with a 6 disc changer. the radio works fine, but once in a while the cd player jams up, and I got to the point where I didn't load any cds but only one or two in the player. sometimes, like others said, hit the dash, and it worked a few times. sometimes taking the cd player out and unplugging everything then plugging it back in resets it and it works perfect. but its acting up again, and i think this time its shot. the radio works perfect, but when I hit cd on the radio, or on the steering wheel button, it just says CD ERROR. any suggestions?
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    There's this to try from my link:

    A CD cleaning kit may be helpful in cleaning the CD laser lens and the demagnetizing the CD head. Tony78 reports that this can fix CD players or changers that are showing an ERROR or similar message.
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