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Mazda CX-9 Rear Entertainment System



  • catxnjcatxnj Posts: 5
    edited May 2011
    I was able to recover a piece from a junk source after a few months but after all the wait the DVD player no longer works! So, now, I have to hook up through the AUX input with a portable DVD. I have to wait to find someone's RES at the junk yard again!

    If anyone has a RES system they are getting rid of for a new system please contact me, please.

    Sorry, I was not much help.
  • luis56luis56 Posts: 1
    I had the same problem with my RES. The ribbon cable broke up and couldn't find the oem item. I found a ribbon cable in the Internet with the same features (12 cm long and 2 cm wide, and 40 pins). I think its better, because is more flexible than the oem cable. Today I install it and it is working very good.

    I hope this help you. This is the link where I found the ribbon cable: trksid=p5197.m7&_trkparms=algo%3DLVI%26itu%3DUCI%26otn%3D2%26po%3DLVI%26ps%3D63%- 26clkid%3D446128025306067659#ht_1128wt_747
  • catxnjcatxnj Posts: 5
    Awesome!! :D Thank you!!! I will make sure to get extra!

    I am still looking for a DVD player if anyone want to get rid of theirs for a newer system.
  • bobs_2004bobs_2004 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with the video display going out, but am apprehensive about breaking something while trying to open the system up. Can you tell me how to open it up to have access to the ribbon cable. Thanks
  • catxnjcatxnj Posts: 5
    edited June 2011
    Don't be scared, just careful.

    Make sure to have ziploc bags nearby to separate the screws. Take a picture of everything after you take the bezel/cover off.

    For the main cover - just pull it down. You will see some screws holding the unit. Unplug the power/signal connections [You'll need a thin flat head to do this].

    After this it is simple. You will see a little latch holding the flat connection just pull it up and it unlocks the flat connection. Next, unscrew the monitor's bezel, and unlock the flat connection there also. Keep the black strip of tape you find inside because you can use that for the new flat connection. Put in your new strip. Buy it on Ebay from the link above...and you have yourself a working screen!

    By the way, I still need a DVD player so if anyone is getting rid of their system for something different, please contact me I would like to buy it.
  • jpf2004jpf2004 Posts: 1
    I just bought an 09 with NAV and DVD entertainment and can't figure out how to listen to the DVD without headphones. I keep seeing reference to a media button, but there is no media button.
  • I searched extensively for DVD headrest solutions, but every set available looked to be too wide to fit in the "shoulder" of the seat - about 10". I ended up installing an armrest mounted DVD player on the console and am quite pleased with it. It has IR headphones, or audio can be run through fm. Two disadvantages are: All three of my kids have to watch the same movie (suck it up, it'a a car not a living room!) and the video can't be seen from the 3rd row unless you are tall. I got the player on ebay shipped from NY for about $245. I did the install myself and it was very easy.
  • Great work on finding the equivalent cable dude! FYI to others who want to order this cable, the 120mm length no longer seems available but I have just written the seller to see if he can make it in 120mm and will post the answer when I get it. Closest available (standard) length is 200mm and it looks like there is enough room in the housing to accomodate a 40mm "fold".
  • chaddellchaddell Posts: 1
    hi there. i realize i'm a year late this thread but i stumbled upon it bc i have the same issue. i'm gonna try what you've suggested but could your re-send the ebay link with what part to purchase? i would be SO grateful.

  • will_vwill_v Posts: 1
    Did anyone try the ribbon cable suggested buy catxnj above?
  • I did not try that one, only the one originally posted, and it lasted about 12 months before it failed (cracked). Luckily, I had ordered two cables at that time in case this would happen (pat my own back!) so I just added two layers of electrical tape to this second one before installing it and everything works fine again. We'll see how long it lasts this time around. So I guess I'd recommend you give it a try, even order two, and make sure you just solidify it a little since it is probably cheaper plastic than OEM: all you stand to lose is 5-10$ and a half-hour of your time, and if it doesn't work, you just keep the console aside until you can try something else, you can still use the car. Oh yeah, I also filed the very sharp edges of the plastic holes through which the cable runs to reduce possible wear on the cable and slightly staighten the cable's path.
  • treyi20treyi20 Posts: 5
    I am having the same problem, i noticed a small break in the strip but my dvd monitor comes on when the monitor is half closed, do you think this is still caused by the strip or would it just be a sensor that got displaced, I am also very apprehensive about pulling the dvd cover off it is very tight and i'm worried i will break it, i don't see any visible screws to remove does anybody know where any directions with pictures or videos that have the removal of this included.
  • I know it feels like it's gonna snap but have faith and just pull down on the cover as best you can and it will come off in one piece! And it's definitely the cable, no question, based on your symptoms. If it ever fails on minute again, I will make a video, but search YouTube !oand someone may have beat me to it! It's easier to replace than you think, plus no one will do it for you at the dealership, so you have nothing to lose. Good luck!
  • treyi20treyi20 Posts: 5
    do you have the specs on that cable, i click the link someone posted earlier but the listing has been removed.
  • treyi20treyi20 Posts: 5
    I found this one, it's a little longer but the width is right, heres the link ue&ssPageName=VIP:watchlink:top:en
    do you think it will work? and when pulling the cover off do you have any recommendations of hand position to pull?
  • treyi20treyi20 Posts: 5
    I found this one, it's a little longer but the width is right, heres the link - ue&ssPageName=VIP:watchlink:top:en
    do you think it will work? and when pulling the cover off do you have any recommendations of hand position to pull?
  • treyi20treyi20 Posts: 5
    Came off just like you said, I went with the ribbon cable i posted just waiting for it to come in them start the reassemble. thanks for all the help
  • theheydeytheheydey Posts: 1
    I have a same screen problem. I got cable, so I was trying to pull out the screen. BUT it is not as simple as you described.
    I pull it down as hard as I can, but I can pull it down.
    Can you describe more detail for this? Or if possible, can you make a video for that?
    Please help me. I need to fix it ASAP. My kids is waiting for it.
  • campucampu Posts: 2
    Hi treyi20, did it work for you? i tried but it's either a wrong cable or i did something wrong. Thanks
  • I just fixed my res with a new cable but the first one I ordered didn't work because it wasn't same sided so ia ordered a new one that was same sided. Just installed it yesterday & it works perfect!
  • Hi bird02,
    What cable have you bought? Could you share the link?
    Thank you
  • We bought and replaced the ribbon cable and still not functioning. We had the same problem as described previously-dvd player worked when screen was only half open. Now-nothing. Any ideas? How can a replacement actually be $4500?!
    HELP! please...
  • Hi moniqc,

    perhaps you installed the cable upside-down, with the unexposed side of the ribbon facing the connection? I am about to replace mine for the 3rd time and will try to post a video.

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