Bike Racks - spare tire or tow hitch

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I'm looking for a bike rack that can be attached via the tow hitch or on the (covered) spare tire, since I can't lift the bikes to the roof of the FJ. The tow hitch option needs to account for the spare tire. Any thoughts or links?


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    After much research, I purchased an excellent tire mounted bike rack called Sport Rack. I strongly considered the hitch mount, but you must take the bikes off and lower the hitch to swing open the rear door. The tire mount option allows you leave the bikes on the rack to access to the rear. The rack is solid, holds up to three bikes and comes with locks. After you install the mounting hardware you can take the rack off and back on with ease. So far, no complaints.
    Here's a link I used to order:
    You Tube demo/instructions:
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    Oh how do i thank you!! I'm 5'2 and don't have a hitch on my fj cruiser. I think I was the only one that didn't get one on my cruiser, but got everything else. I've been looking for a tire bike rack for months. Looks very easy. You were very helpful. I was just going to take my car to get a universal hitch on for 400.00 bucks just so I could carry my bikes.
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