'02 Glove box latch

girevikgirevik Member Posts: 9
Hello everyone.

We have an 02 Montana with a broken latch on the glove box. It looks like taking it out should be as easy as removing the two screws on the inside of the door and poping it out, but something is holding the bottom of the latch in and I can't get it out. Does anyone have any hints?

Also, I'm assuming I won't be able to fix this latch. Can anyone point me to a place where I could buy another?


  • thomsonrthomsonr Member Posts: 1
    That's what I though also. The dash must be disassembled to install a new latch. It cost me $70+ the latch.

    My drink holder also broke and came out. The cost to replace this is well over $200 just for labour.

    The engineers designing these vehicles must be braindead.
  • girevikgirevik Member Posts: 9
    Wow, seriously? I guess I'll stick with the .02 rubber band.

    What all needs to be torn apart to get it fixed? Is that something that's beyond someone who's never done much car repair work?
  • chupa415chupa415 Member Posts: 1
    It seems the engineers still haven't fixed this problem. My 2005 glove box latch is broken - has anyone been able to find it? I can't believe the entire dashboard needs to be taken out to fix thi - that is completely illogical. It seems it would be easiest to replace the latch - this is also held with 2 screws as in the previous post. Then if the latch is part of the door, let's replace the door...................but we have to remove the dashboard to do that? as I said, this is completey illogical and ridiculous. How's the rubber band working and what are you attaching it to?
  • girevikgirevik Member Posts: 9
    I actually gave up on the rubber band (they kept breaking) and have graduated to an electrical tie. I've threaded the tie through the latch attached to the dashboard and am able to slide it on and off the hook on the door to open and close it. Not as good as getting it fixed, but a heck of a lot cheaper.

    Let me know if that doesn't make sense and I'll see if I can't get a picture or two.
  • dmakdmak Member Posts: 2
    This sounds all too familiar. We have a 2004 Montana with the same stupid design for the glove box latch. I like your idea with the electrical tie, did you say you have a picture to show how you set it up?
  • girevikgirevik Member Posts: 9
    I never did get the picture, but I can try to take one.

    It's pretty straightforeward. I just looped the tie through the latch attached to the dashboard and slide it over the little hook in the box door to close it.
  • strawberry5921strawberry5921 Member Posts: 15
    has anyone had a glovebox that won't open. i don't know the series. my boyfriend is taking a nap. we pulled really hard and it just won't open! thanks
  • strawberry5921strawberry5921 Member Posts: 15
    I'm awake now. Its a 93 BMW 525. I removed the glovebox a couple of years ago to replace the cabin air filter that had never been replaced by the original owner (160k).A few months later the glove box became harder and harder to open until it finally would'nt open at all
  • tallman1tallman1 Member Posts: 1,874
    Maybe not quite awake enough... you may want to post this in a BMW forum. ;)
  • jpollakjpollak Member Posts: 1
    Wow, I was made to believe I was the only one having this problem! I brought my 2006 Pontiac Montana into the dealership trying to get a new hinge and was told it was $250 for the complete kit. I called GM to see about getting it covered under warranty. GM told me since I was the second owner (yet owned the car since late 2006), they did not know how I treated the vehicle. I could not believe that the glove box door could fall off so easily. No weight was applied nor was it abused. I have been using duct tape while I search for a solution. I tried buying hinges at Home Depot, but that does not work. My friend suggested having a metal or plastic part made by a machine shop, but based on what I am reading here that will be a lot more difficult to replace. My nephew suggested epoxy. I noted it will affix it closed and will not have use of it. Any other suggestions?

    GM have you no pride in your craftsmanship? Why no real hinge made of metal???
  • creepydudecreepydude Member Posts: 1
    I actually managed to remove my broken latch! After removing the two screws on the inside, take a hammer and any long metal object like screwdriver or big nail and whack the loosened latch from inside of the door, it will come out! I repaired it myself and put it back, just a snap. Hope you guys will find this useful.
  • steve04412steve04412 Member Posts: 1
    I just followed Girevik's lead and fixed the handle on our '03 montana. thanks for the confidence boost! :) :shades:
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