WTB: Sprinter 2004 Bench seats

fsavardfsavard Member Posts: 3
I am looking for 2nd and third rows of seats for a 2004 Sprinter van.


  • thelandyachtthelandyacht Member Posts: 3
    Are they interchangeable with 2005? I have a 2nd row (short) seat I don't need, new condition.
  • fsavardfsavard Member Posts: 3
    Yes, sure.

    How much would you ask and where are you located?

  • thelandyachtthelandyacht Member Posts: 3
    I've heard that these things go for between 250 & 350 used. I'll settle for 250+ whatever it costs to ship.

    Someone on a Sprinter yahoo group almost bought it but the cloth pattern didn't match his van so he backed out. He did say, however, that it is possible to ship these by greyhound.

    I'm in Austin TX.
  • 675_trip675_trip Member Posts: 2
    Do you still have this seat available? Baby on the way and need to put a seat in my cargo van.
  • terri63terri63 Member Posts: 1
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