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Hyundai Santa Fe '08 electrical problem?

okicajunokicajun Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in Hyundai
Lately (over past week), when I turn the key to the ignition (before turning over the car) the horn honks three times in rapid succession.

Also, the door locks are closing and opening differently at startup and shift into drive as well as when put in park.

Nothing to report with dials, lights, radio, etc. Just the horn honking when I turn car on and the door locks acting up. My Santa Fe is a 2008.

I fear something electical or fuse related but I'm not sure.


  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Posts: 167
    Sounds like an ECU problem - I'd take it to the dealer and get them to do an OBD check for shorts or error codes and get it re-programmed or replaced.

    The door locks are able to be re-programmed to close at certain speeds, which for all we know includes at startup, or when shifting into drive or park, as most USA cars do.

    Also the horn sounds when the closing the locks with the remote, so it definitely sounds like some program error somewhere.
  • rowdy4rowdy4 Posts: 4
    The radio in my 2008 Santa fe locks up. No sound, the display is lit up, none of the buttons work. I finally stoped the car and removed the key, restarted and everythin is ok..
    has happened twice now??
  • jimsistjimsist Posts: 62
    had the same probleam with my 2007 and the dealer orderd me a new one. it took for ever but its great now
  • rowdy4rowdy4 Posts: 4
    Thanks for your help. I will talk to the dealer today.
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