2005 Cadillac SRX Shudders When Put into Reverse from Park

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I have a question and I apologize if answered elsewhere. I have a 05 Caddillac SRC V6. When I want to reverse the car (usually from Park), there is a huge shudder (like a dull clanking sound) before the gear is engaged in reverse.

When driving, it shifts fine and there is no problem. It only appear when shifting from P to R.

Has anyone experienced this?
I am nearing the end of my warranty and I want to know what to say if this is to be covered by warranty.

Thank you


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    I think you should bring this to the attention of your Cadillac's service department and have them check it out. If they do nothing you will still be covered (keep the service printout) after the warranty expires if the transmission needs work.

    Have you had the axle seals replaced for the recall?
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    HELLO Had this last week and found that I needed new motor mounts. had them done for half what the dealer wanted and car is all fixed.
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