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Mazda CX-9 Wash and Wax

clairebclaireb Member Posts: 12
edited September 2014 in Mazda
Hi All,

I was wondering what waxes; steps etc you are taking to preserve your paint on your CX-9?

Could you post any problems/successes you are having?

I really want to take care of my paintwork, but I do not want to spend an absolute fortune on it either.

Thanks for any advice,



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    cericceric Member Posts: 1,092
    For me, I wax my vehicles (including CX9) once a year and wash them every other weekend if possible (manually). I seldom put my vehicles through machine wash unless it is the jet-type. Traditional cloth wash put swirl marks on your paint surface (very obvious for dark color vehicles). If you want to do more, you may consider "clear bra", which is a set of thin 3M films you put on the front (bumper, fender, hood, etc.) end panels. It is nearly invisible and it protects chipping from road debris. I have not used them yet. You will find lots of them on eBay.
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    abpelch1abpelch1 Member Posts: 48
    Just bought my CX-9 new last week, but have been using Zaino on my Accord for the last 4 years. Will probably use on the CX-9, too. It's more expensive & you have to order online, but it is 10x easier than carnauba wax to apply & remove, plus the results are great.
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    fishrule1fishrule1 Member Posts: 4
    I have 3M's Paint Protective Film on my hood and fenders, side-view mirrors, headlights and foglights, and door edges. Elsewhere, I use Griot's products (http://www.griotsgarage.com), specifically the Paint Sealant when the car was new, followed by the Best of Show wax quarterly. I'm kind of nutty about this stuff, though. ;)
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    99zoomr99zoomr Member Posts: 55
    I've been using Meguiar's Tech Wax. Goes on easy, buffs off easy, and seems to hold up pretty well. I usually hand wash my cars every few weeks and wax them twice a year...
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    dogdoc1997dogdoc1997 Member Posts: 32
    I have a guy that does my cars for years once a month and waxes every other month; I have NOT seen any problem with this even on my high end stuff...dogdoc
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    steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    This has long been my favorite post on the subject of waxing:

    Mr_Shiftright, "Teflon Paint Sealants Revisited" #7, 10 Jul 2003 10:33 am

    Doubt that simple waxing is going to hurt the paint unless your guy is claying and polishing every time too.
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