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Porsche Cayenne Service Now Indicator

Does anyone know an easy way to reset this? It's been coming up for 15,000 miles, thought it would go away. Had it at dealer today and they didn't notice it, and I don't have time to bring it back. If anyone knows how please let me know


  • Did you reset it yet? Mine is on at 38 k...
  • Taken from a US forum but may work:-

    - With key in off position, depress the ODO button.
    - Without brake pedal depressed, turn ignition on while still pushing the ODO button.
    - You should see a message: "Service Reset".
    - Push and hold the "enter" button located on the bottom of the wiper stalk.
    - While continuing to push the "enter" button, turn off the ignition.

    Now you should not see the service in XXX or service now message when you start the engine.

    I tried this on my 2008 6cyl Cayenne, and it did not work. Ended up buying a Durametric cable and software to reset, which worked.
  • Hi joehiker99.

    i tried to buy the durametric cable and software for my 2008 V6 Cayenne but they told me they have not developed the software for the 2008 V6 Cayenne yet!

    The new Cayenne has a Siemens system while the earlier Cayenne had a Bosch system.

    If your Cayenne is the 3.6L V6 Current Model im Confuzed how the Durametric Cable worked?

  • Sam,
    I bought the enthusiast version with USB interface adapter and cable for Porsche993, Boxter, 996, 987, 997, Cayman and Cayenne. Total delivered cost $292.52
    I have used it twice to clear the service now. It worked just as outlined in the Durametric manual.
    My Cayenne has the 3.6L V6 and is a model year 2008 (invoice date was Feb 26, 2007)
  • Hello folks,

    I just bought a 2008 cayenne V6 that still has some warranty left.... so I guess I can get the message rest by the dealer. Though I am wondering why will you not get the vehicle serviced rather than resetting the message.

  • I changed the front brake pads and replaced the brake pad sensors on a 2009 Cayenne S after the warning light prompt for brake pad service came on. The brake pad service light remains on. Does anyone know how to reset the prompt?
  • epidamuepidamu Posts: 1
    Did you find solution to reset the brake pad warning light?. I have the same issue after I changed by brake pad.
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