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Adding power seat to RAV4 Sport

hoop1ahoop1a Member Posts: 6
edited April 2014 in Toyota
Is it possible to have a garage (at the dealer or not) replace the driver's seat in a RAV4 ('07 or '08) Sport with a power seat. Is the seat a standard part?

We use a single car, and change the position each time a different person gets in the car. That would be a pain with a non-power seat.

I test drove the Limited and found the handling to be very soft, almost enough to put me of the whole idea of a RAV4. However, I then drove a Sport and found it much, much better.

So, my main problem with buying a RAV4 is now the lack of a power seat in the Sport.


  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    I bought a set of power seats, driver side memory, from Ebay for a 97 ES300.
  • newbobnewbob Member Posts: 5
    I have the same concern as a previous mess of power seat.
    I would like to know what year the Rav started offering a power seat.I would imagine the wiring would be there, and probably bolt to the existing bolt patern? Buy I'm guessing.
  • newbobnewbob Member Posts: 5
    Doe's the Sport model have any particular suspension mods, or changes, like larger diameter sway bars or different struts ect.Or is the Sport Package just cosmetic?
  • hoop1ahoop1a Member Posts: 6
    The Sport has a "sport tuned suspension" and larger 18'' wheels. I test drove both the Limited and Sport and found a huge difference in the feel. The Sport felt much more precise and gave you more road feel.
  • hoop1ahoop1a Member Posts: 6
    btw - I never did get an answer. We decided we really didn't like the transmission either and bought a slightly older BMW X3.

    If you do it, please post here so that there is a record online that it is possible.
  • newbobnewbob Member Posts: 5
    Thank's for the responce to my question of Sport suspension. I still don't know the specific differences though 18' wheels ok but what is the differecne in the rest of the suspension?. Are the spring bigger, shocks stiffer, bigger sway bar ect.
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