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Hi. I've had my 2008 escape for 3 months now, and I see white stains on my black cloth seats. I've spilled water once or twice and got into the car from the rain where the seats got wet. Stains everywhere.They stain very easily. Any suggestions on how to clean them? Also, when I turn the steering wheel either way when starting off, I hear a noise. Like a chirping sound. And when I go over speed bumbs, it sounds like something needs lubricating, both front and back. Thanks


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    I never thought I would be reading about cars and problems on a web site, but here I am. After driving GM products my entire life, I had to turn in a Saturn Vue (which I loved, BTW). I was advised to give Ford a try. Even though the engine (V6) was certainly no where near where my Vue was, I somehow liked the Escape (08) on the test drive. I figured I could forgive the lack of horsepower. I have less than 3000 miles on this car, and I absolutely hate it. What caught my eye in your posting was the steering wheel noises. (sorry, I can't answer to your seat issues, but you have my sympathy. Thus far, I am ok with my cloth camel seats.) But the noises? This car is full of noises. The steering wheel, when turning right only makes a creaking noise as if the car were 10 stinking years old! I am considering taking it in but dread getting the strange looks from the same techs who had the car three times to fix another loud creaking noise from the right rear brake two weeks after I picked up the car. It also sounds like the panels on both doors rattle and there are noises coming from the dashboard. I believe I will be taking it in for the noise that bothers me the most, as I am SURE, they will never ever get this SUV to lose all of it's shakes, rattles and rolls.
    And yes, I hear sounds going over bumps, exactly like what you have said about sounding like something needs lubrication. The car sounds like it has 100,000 miles on it.
    To anyone who reads this: think twice about this vehicle. Yes, it has handsome looks. Those looks are not worth it to someone who likes to drive and enjoy some peace and quiet while driving. I am glad I opted for the high-end stereo, as turning it up to drown out the Escape's noises is part of my sentence for the next 22 months and six days I have left to deal with this piece of crap.
    Oh, and those of you who like Vista Blue? It chips easily. Under my normal driving conditions, the front end already has chips out of the front bumper and hood. I didn't realize that I would have to research colors from Ford before I picked up this vehicle. Apparently, I did.
    Good luck.
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    Ford is replacing the seat covers on Escapes... I guess the memo went out on Nov 6 - call your dealer!
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    I did call my dealer. They no nothing about a memo regarding the Escape seats.
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    FORD: 2008-2009 Escape Hybrid, Escape

    Some 2008-2009 Escape and Escape Hybrid vehicles (excludes Mariner) equipped with Cloth seats (excludes XLS) and built on or before 5/14/2009, may exhibit stains with a white ring outline around them. An updated seat cover is now available to reduce this specific type of staining.

    Follow the Service Procedure steps to correct the condition


    Inspect the seat cover stain for a white ring outline.

    If the white ring stain is present, then replace the seat cover with latest level part. Refer to Workshop Manual (WSM), Section 501-10 Seating Disassembly and Assembly.


    ***Thought I would help those of you that need this info...yes I work for a dealer***
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    My vehicle is a 2008 Escape 2WD XLS. It appears it would not qualify??
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    My vehicle is a 2008 Escape 2WD XLS. It appears it would not qualify?? The seats are past the white ring stage. I have scrubbed them until they are just nasty. There is no doubt though that they should be replaced.

    I did call the dealership here and they ran the VIN # and came up with nothing, so I'll take your post to them and see if that spurs some action.

    Thank you!
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    Nothing qualifies with Ford. You're going to have to live with the stained seats.
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    I just thought I would add to this discussion. I have a 2008 Ford Escape which I bought brand new and like many others have the disgusting stains on all seats. All of my seats have the white stain. The stains started very soon after I bought it. I tried cleaning them but that made them worse. I was so fed up with looking at the disgusting seats that I planned on getting custom seat covers. I'm glad I took the time to research the problem first. After reading the posts on this site I contacted my dealer about the problem. They told me to bring my car in. I took it in today and they bent over backwards to get me new seat covers. They said I was only the second person to complain and I live in a large city. I was told it will take a day to complete the installation and I will be given a rental for the day. I am very pleased and highly recommend contacting your dealer if you have the same problem. The squeaky wheel does get oiled!
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    The leather seat in my Ford Escape is peeling. When I contacted the dealer they said it was my problem. The only thing that has touched the seat is my pant covered leg. Has anyone else experienced this?
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    Thanks to this forum my Ford dealer has ordered a new seat cover for my 2008 Escape! I already had an appointment scheduled for Customer Satisfaction Program #09B10 (Transmission Cooler issue) and told the svc advisor about the seat stain TSB after reading this forum. The cover should arrive in a couple of weeks. Thanks!! :)
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    No, you started the topic. started the Forum. :P

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    Thank you for posting this service bulletin!!! I've spoken to at least 3 different dealers about the seats and the only help I got was "try carpet cleaner." I finally found this and took it in for the CSP and handed them a copy of your post and FINALLY they helped me! New seat covers in a few days!! Thank you!
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    No problem, I am glad Ford couldn't give you the run around when you showed up with this bulletin at hand. :)
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    I went online today to see if anyone had problem with "Ford 2008 XLT Cloth Seats" only to find out this is a major problems for Ford and they have not addressed this issue. Now this is ia new vehicle and my seats already look like someone urinated all over them and I can't figure what is going on. Finally, I took the car in to have them clean, and were told this is a "Petroleum" oil base seat and the oil is coming out. This is a complete "Quality Issue" The noise in this vehicle also sound like it's 10 years old. I can't sell it, I will not purchase another Ford Escape.

    Ford need to address their vehicles and stop waiting until this get out over the Internet, because it will end up out here and you can't argue with real life stories.
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    I bought my 2008 escape Last January. I have been noticing the rings on the seats getting worse. I called my dealership about this TSB and they told me that it only applied within the 3 year or 35,000 mile. I bought my car at 46,000 miles. Is this true? And if so is there any other way of getting the seats fixed?
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    Your vehicle must still have been within warranty? I took mine when it was still under the warranty but they would not replace the seat covers..... the complaint hadn't been as rampant yet. I'm stuck with mine. I did talk friends out of buying a new 2012 Escape though. Just junk.
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    Just pull the seat covers off and put them in the washer, I'm not kidding. Dry them with a low temp setting, and spray scotch guard on them after they dry.
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    I have the same stain problems with my 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid. Even water stains it and nothing will clean it. What is this bulletin that is referred to above? How do I get this to take to my dealer?
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    I am having the same issue with the stained seat on my 2008 escape, I still have a warranty. My question is what is the CSP. I would like to do the same and hopeully get your results
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    I finally gave up trying to clean the seats. Decided I had nothing to lose, so I got a spray bottle (32oz.), draped the areas around the seats with old towels and blankets to protect them from over spray. I then filled the bottle with 1 tablespoon of vinegar, then added 2/3's with hot water,I then added half a bottle of liquid black RIT Dye. Shook it up good and proceeded to spray the seats. Parked the car in the sun to expedite drying. When dry to the touch I did it again. After letting it dry for 2 days I took a towel to and rubbed of any residue and then treated with Scotch Guard... Guess what ? My seats look great and I have not had any issues for over a month and 3,000 miles....

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    I would like to pull the covers off my stained rear seats on my 2008 Escape. How do they come off? I always thought they were sown on or something? How do I get the seats out so I can get the covers off?
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    First remove the seats from the car. (Be careful with the wiring harnesses) The seat bottom and back bolt together at the reclining hinges. Once they are apart you will sometimes see zippers, "hog rings" or they could simply be a stretch fit that interlocks with plastic supports. Now the fun starts, the covers are a tight fit, but with a little effort you can work them off of the frame and cushion material. If you try to wash and dry them they might shrink and you will have a very difficult time putting them back on.
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    Looking at replacement covers on ebay what other years of Escape seats are useable on my 2008? Is there a compatability chart somewhere?
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    If anywhere a trim and upholstery shop might have that information.
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