Honda Odyssey Starting / Stalling Problems

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I have a 2006 Odyssey that sometimes will not start. I will admit a few times an interior light was on, but many times there was nothing left on. It is really strange because it will happen three or four times and then will be fine for months. I have taken it to the dealer and they say the battery and ignition are fine. The warranty is going to be up rather soon so I don't know what to do. Is there anyone who has any idea of what this could be. I have thought maybe electrical or something. When I turn the key, it just ticks, the engine doesn't even turn over. I greatly appreciate any help anyone can give. I have an instant jump box that will start the car, but talk about inconvenient.


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    Our Oddity I mean Odyssey is only 6 months old, a 2008 Touring model. We went camping this last weekend and it sat for 3 days. Then it wouldn't start, exactly as you describe. We got it jump-started and drove it 70 miles directly to our local dealer, though we bought it elsewhere. They tested the battery and said it was fine. They suggested we take it to where we bought it. We asked how long the warranty on the battery was. They said 3 years unlimited. I said that no, it obviously wasn't "unlimited" since they weren't helping us. They suggested we talk to the service manager. After waiting for him for an hour, we got documentation that we had been there for that problem and left. I'm not impressed with their Customer Service. All we really wanted was some help to figure out why it happened, but they would do no more than test the battery.
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    My 2002 Odyssey sputters and almost stalls when I push the gas pedal. It only does it on the first pull out after starting the van the rest of the time it is fine. Any ideas on what is causing the problem? It will also sputter while in park if you push the gas pedal after starting it. It only does these things when the van is first started up. The van idles fine.
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  • shinblueshinblue Member Posts: 2
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    You could have a defective coolant temperature sensor. If it is telling the computer that the engine is warmed up when it really isn't, the engine will run lean until it does warm up.
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    My 2005 odyssey will also do the same thing as if it were out of gas or an emergency fuel cutoff switch was enabled. My battery is new, I can hear the starter turning but the engine will not turn over. On top of this there were no symptoms leading up to the point that it wouldn't start. Any one else get any real solutions to this problem?

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    For over a year I experienced intermittent starting problems. After several trips to the Dealer, several attempts to re-create the problem (without success), the car finally died for good. We had it towed to the Dealer and they could not get it started.

    Battery had full charge, starter/ignition kill switch checked out fine. All cables leading to/from the battery to the starter were fine at the connectors. As a last resort the Technician cut through the MIDDLE of the cable leading from the Battery to the Starter.... MASSIVE CORROSION!!!! He claims to only have seen this in the Honda CRV's.

    SInce the cable was replaced, I have never again experienced the intermittent starting problem.

    I have had PLENTY of other problems with the ca as well, and I am very disappointed with it.
    I have always owned Honda's and have always been very pleased - not so in this case.

    My 2005 Honda Odyssey has 75,000 miles on it and has had, among other things, the following:
    - the above mentioned intermittent starting problem lasted for 2 years until it was fixed.
    - Air Condenser has been replaced TWICE. (have experience several problems with the A/C).
    - BRAND NEW Transmission put in due to Transmission Failure at 70K.

    I am looking at the Toyota Sienna for our next Minivan, my wallet can't handle another Honda like this one.
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    We had our van towed only to find out that it had too little gas in the tank (>1/4) while parked on our steep inclined driveway causing the fuel pump relay not to register the amount of gas in the tank!? Other than this issue we've been pleased and are hoping that it'll last as long and as healthy a life as my 1998 Honda Accord V6 w/248k miles did! Right now we're at 76k.
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    I have been experiencing a strange problem with my Odyssey (2005).

    Sometimes the starter would not work and the engine would not turn. Almost like a dead battery. But all the lights come on and headlights also work. The tow truck guy came and checked the battery. Battery is fully charged.
    the mechanic that looked at the Ody told me to tap the starter and it would start.
    I take a 1/2" wood dovel and gently tap the starter. then the starter works and the engine starts.

    has anybody experienced something similar?

    what do I need to do? Do I need to get the starter replaced?
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    My 07 Ody stalls while driving at about 25 to 30 mph and within about a 1/2 to a mile from starting out. I pull over, switch off the key then start it again..It starts fine and drives OK.. It happened 3 times this summer and before that about 8 months after the car was new. Honda claims they have never heard of this...Took it to a Honda dealer in Bangor, Maine.. they found nothing and claimed to have set up the on board computer to take a 'snapshot' if it should happen again..Luckily all these events have happened on small roads, but I am concerned if it should happen on a highway it could be dangerous....Honda has set up a file for this car, but the stalling has not happened again...Has anyone experienced this?
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    Having same issue with my 2001 odyssey. any idea of what it could be yet?
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    My 2002 Honda Odyssey intermittently fails to start and then starts again. It acts as though no fuel is getting to the engine. At times the car will be running and just die. I have gotten it towed twice and both times it starts when it gets to the auto repair shop. Have you find a solution to your problem?
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    I have a 2002. It runs perfectly, then all of a sudden engine dies. Happened rarely and able to start, up until last week. It died and wouldn't start. Eventually drained the battery trying. Got towed, Honda said bad battery, jumped it, it ran. Computer checked out fine. Now new battery. Did good for a week, then stalled again today. Twice. I don't know what to do. Will leave it at the dealer tomorrow. Hope they find a solution. Will post an update if I find a solution on my end.
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    Hi. I posted a similar problem, same model year (2002). Honda dealer said this is not a common issue. Did you find a solution? I'm dropping my van at the dealer tomorrow.
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    Hey I have a V6 2002 Odyssey to and have the same problem as you . Booked in to see mechanic in a few days . Did they find the problem for yours ? This site has many questions like ours but not Real answers mmm
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    It was the fuel pump relay. Under the microscope the circuit board showed a burnt mark.
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    I have a 2001 Honda Odyssey with 239,000 miles on it. I replaced the engine a month ago and have had no problems except with the automatic sliding doors and the rear windshield wiper. Today however, when my wife drove it off to work she returned in 5 minutes because it had died 3 times on her at 20 - 25 mph! She took the car and I drove the van around the block. It died another 7 times on me on a 4 block trek. I am perplexed. The engine starts and runs perfectly but then has momentary, gentle hiccups before it dies. It will not start up again until the key is turned off and on again. Drove it fine 2 days ago with no problems and all the sudden this. I plan on looking into a fuel pump relay like the above post suggests...

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    I have a 2006 Honda Odyssey. Having the same issues with starting then about 4-6 more trys about five minutes of waiting, checking the connections, dusting off corrosion of the connectors etc.. then it finally starts. I just replaced the battery a month before and a month later and still did the same about 3 times in a day.

    • I was told to "replace the battery cables" when replacing a new battery. So i am probably going to do that. Makes sense since my van is @225,000 now (still strong rebuilt transmission) , probably the cables have gotten old & corroded ..... we'll see
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    I have a 07' EX that have the same problem. every now and then when i start the car during Cold weather, its just quiet... no sound , no crank...... what i do is I turn the Ignition ON position, push the gear shifter from P to D and back to P ..& then Crank to start and it Works!! I must had change my Battery twice this year and still havent figured out whats the real problem.. any suggestions... feel free to share...thanks in advance

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    I have a 2003 Honda odyssey we put diesel fuel in it by accident I drained the tank changed the plugs and still don't start

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    My 2002 Odyssey sputters and almost stalls when I push the gas pedal. It only does it on the first pull out after starting the van the rest of the time it is fine. Any ideas on what is causing the problem? It will also sputter while in park if you push the gas pedal after starting it. It only does these things when the van is first started up. The van idles fine.

    I had a similar problem on my 2002 Odyssey and it turned out to be the oxygen sensor (Bank 1, Sensor 1). After I replaced it the problem went away. The check engine light had come on and gone back off on its own with the code for this sensor, so that is what led me to try the sensor first.
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