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Jeep Cherokee Grand Cherokee Trouble Codes

skiboyskiboy Member Posts: 5
edited July 2014 in Jeep
99 JGC w/ 4.7L

rc'd P0202 & P0207 codes having to due with fuel injectors! Does anyone know if this means the injector itself is clogged/bad or the control wiring?
Also, idle is very erratic, bouncing from 750 -1400 seems like a vacuum leak but can't find one ! could this be the AIS?

Any help is appreciated, thanks,



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    pacman3pacman3 Member Posts: 1
    Yes, you will get erratic idle, 2 of your cylinders are working property.
    A simple test to check your injector, take the wire harness off the injector, put a ohm meter leads on each connector(2) in the injector. It should be within 3 to 6 ohm range, if not the injector is no good buy a new one. I used to rebuild them but the price is alot cheaper now not worth the trouble for a new one 35 to 55 dallors money well spent. If it shows good make sure the injector is geting power to the connector by using volt meter, ground your IGN COIL, turn engine over and see if pwr is geeting to it.
    Once you resolve this problem and your engine is still running erratic then Yes, Check you IAC.

    Good Luck
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    tuggajbtuggajb Member Posts: 646
    i have 2000 jgc 4.7 found that engine computer sets in engine compartment on pass side by ac aculemater and water drips on the conector plug eventualy croades conectors to clean myne i disconected the battery and removed the bolt in the center of the plug and just pluged and unpluged a couple times took care of prob
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    awhjeepawhjeep Member Posts: 1
    After a few days of hard rain my check engine light came on and will stay on at times and then start flashing and go back to a steady on. I got it scanned and it read a problem with the #4 cylinder and injector. I had the injector replaced and everything was fine for 3-4 days and the light went back on. Now more codes are coming up including the #4 injector which is brand new. Idling, reverse, and driving has lots of vibration and it's sluggish to accelerate. When I try putting the pedal to the floor to speed up the vehicle won't get any giddy up and just "coughs". I even tried using fuel injector cleaner. Is this a possible computer problem where it has possible gone on the fritz from too much rain water? Any help or insight would be appreciated before I take it to the dealer. Thanks.
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    c_farooqc_farooq Member Posts: 20
    i have had a error code J1850 on the temperatue console, does anyone know whats the error code?
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    tuggajbtuggajb Member Posts: 646
    sure sounds as if your computer is acting up
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    c_farooqc_farooq Member Posts: 20
    so you know what the code is for the CD player on the JGC?
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    tuggajbtuggajb Member Posts: 646
    that would be a body coad and dont have those avable to me
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    galtinbaygaltinbay Member Posts: 3
    I just bought this car from a dealer and took it for Emission but ended driving it for 300 miles in order have the systme reset it self to be tested the emission station. it still tells me that system is not ready to be tested. has anyone had this problem before?
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    bdett22bdett22 Member Posts: 1
    my engine light and airbag light are on and where the odmitter is there is a code
    that reads no bu5 what could this be and is it expensive to fix? also it it dangerous to drive like that?
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    scraggly1scraggly1 Member Posts: 1
    have the following check engine codes po732,733,725,320,715,734,731
    covering gear ratio 1,2,3,and 4 and engine speed sensor, ignition dist speed input, and turbine speed sensor
    shifts strong going up, has a jolt when slowing from 70 mph to 65 mph
    any idea what the issue is ? 114k miles on car
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