***REMOVING RUST (and overspray)***

mike_542mike_542 Member Posts: 128
Since their are no SPECIFIC topics about rust
removal, I have always found it inconvenient to
create a post on removing rust on the "Paint/Body
Care" Conference. So, hopefully, this topic I
created will be dedicated only on ways to remove
rust, prevent rust, and overspray.

Your voices will definitely be appreciated!



  • mercedesdebestmercedesdebest Member Posts: 5
    this is a pretty good topic you created! i have the same problems, and I have heard of autosol paint restorer, gs27 scratch remover, and corri-seal. wut other products do u kno of that works well?
  • mike_542mike_542 Member Posts: 128
    GS27 removes rust on chrome, but not well on the car body. I've heard of Corri-seal, but I've heard you will need to paint it after use! I've heard rumors of toothpaste, but is this safe?
  • pat455pat455 Member Posts: 603
    Actually, I think this discussion fits right IN with Paint and Body Care. There have been posts there about these very issues. Claying is a popular recommendation that has been made for overspray, and GS27 comes up on a regular basis.

    We have also discussed these issues in the other exterior maintenance topics concerning waxes, polishes and Zaino.

    How will this topic be different than the other discussions that have already taken place? And why not have it in Paint and Body Care where lots of our members will find it when looking for a broad perspective on maintaining the exterior of their vehicles?

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
  • mercedesdebestmercedesdebest Member Posts: 5
    As you see, I was so happy to see this topic! I posted a subject in the Paint and Body Care forum, and still...their is no help! Why don't use just freeze the Zaino forum and Store bought wax forum. Thats part of Paint and Body Care, right?
  • khefnerkhefner Member Posts: 10
    How do you remove rust from chrome and then repair the chrome so it doesnt rust again?
  • mike_542mike_542 Member Posts: 128
    I reccomend two very good products for removing rust on chrome: GS27 and Autosol's Metal Restorer. You can purchase GS27 at www.GS27.com or at a local car parts retailer. Autosol is not available at stores.
  • mike_542mike_542 Member Posts: 128
    Both of these products prevent rust from coming again...
  • vernlewvernlew Member Posts: 87
    WD-40 will remove rust...read about this in another forum...tried it...and it worked!
  • oldharryoldharry Member Posts: 413
    I use SOS steel wool and soap scouring pads. They must be used very wet, or they will scratch. If the chrome is badly pitted, rubbing the clean surface with a wad of aluminum foil, it fills a lot of the pits. Wipe dry with a soft cloth and polish with any automoble wax. I learned this working for used car dealers back in the sixties.

  • oldharryoldharry Member Posts: 413
    before "rubbing" in the last post. Maybe I'll learn to type/proof read someday.

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