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Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon Shocks and Suspension

rukus2rukus2 Posts: 13
edited April 2014 in Chevrolet
I have an '06 Xtream. I need to swap out shocks. Does anyone know if they are the same shocks as the stock Colorado?


  • I am also wanting to swap out the shocks. for my '06 Colorado. Does anyone know who made the stock shock??? KYB or Bilistien? Also, what is the best shock to upgrade to. I know that will have some to do with preference, but your 411 is appreciated.
  • Just wondering if anybody has put one of those 2 to 3 inch lift kits on a 4wd rado yet?
  • catkencatken Posts: 6
    Is it true that the 2009 canyon will offer the 5 speed man. only on their 2.9 engines. If so is there anything you can do to boost hp without voiding the warranty. Ken
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