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Mitsubishi Diamante Transmission Questions and Issues

97diamante97diamante Member Posts: 11
edited September 2014 in Mitsubishi
Anybody find any way to hardened up the soft/slow shifting on the D trans?


  • chanflechanfle Member Posts: 1
    I blew the engine on my 1994 diamante, I then had problems finding a 1994 engine so I put in a 1995 engine. Does anybody know if I need a 1994 or '95 transmission?
  • 377paul377paul Member Posts: 15
    edited July 2010
    the '97 had a new transmission that was only in that year. it was so bad they replaced mine 3 times for poor shifting, under warranty. I was later told by the district warranty manager that in '98 they added 14 parts. I don't know what, he wouldn't tell me. '98 shifted much cleaner but they "couldn't trade it in because of unnkow compatibility problems."
    What helped my '97 some was to set the pressure regulator higher. it's under the trans pan. just a horizontal bolt pointing forward. don't overdo it. maybe one-two turns.
    use Valvoline MAXLIFE ATF. it meets Diam specs and is cheaper.
  • txrdlizardtxrdlizard Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 Diamante, and after the shift to second gear(the hard shift), if I continue driving everything is fine until I come to a stop, then it seems to be slipping, but it isn't I thought it might be the modulator, but I found out this trans is not equipped with one. What else could it be???
  • 377paul377paul Member Posts: 15
    need more info. 'slipping' in what gear? how did you get it to reach 2nd gear ? was it slipping in first and then not in second, third, fourth and lockup?
    I expect I won't have an answer but we all need the problem well described.
  • txrdlizardtxrdlizard Member Posts: 2
    when I first get in the car, reverse is fine, so is the shifting itself, shifts like normal, and the (hard shift) maynot come till third gear, depending on rate of acceleration. After the initial (hard shift)and returning to a complete stop, the next and all other accerlerations from 0 seem to be slipping until second gear then everything is fine. Had the fluid and filter service, this did not work, but because it is an electronic transmisssion, I am in thee process of checking all connectors, cleaning, and lubricating, will see what happens next. The speed sensor does not make the trans act this way, and there is one other sensor I have not checked yet either. hope this is better detailed, and any and all help would be appreciated.
  • 377paul377paul Member Posts: 15
    I can't think of anything specific at the moment.
    Did you use an approved fluid. Either Mitsubishi or (cheaper) Valvoline Maxlife.
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