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Hyundai Santa Fe Radio Display

lmac1001lmac1001 Posts: 1
edited August 2014 in Hyundai
I have 2007 santa fe awd gls. My radio sometimes loses the display. The radio keeps worling but no display. It is very intermittant and when I asked the dealer they found nothing wrong so they told me to bring it in when it happens. Of course it never happens when I am near the dealer!!! It is the standard stock radio with cd player. it resolves itself magically! Anyone ever hear of this before?


  • My husband's 2004 Santa Fe loses the display, and he cannot change stations, or switch between AM, FM and CD, or eject any CD's. BEWARE, the radio is not covered under the 5 year, 60,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty that they falsely advertise. Hidden in the owners manual that you receive AFTER you've been mislead by the warranty and therefore purchased a Hyundai, is information that tells you the radio is only covered for 3 years.

    Make sure you get them to fix it before the 3 years is up. Hyundai customer service does nothing to help you after that time period.
  • We have a 2007 Santa Fe GL. Just recently the radio started to act in a similar fashion except that it displays " Radio SW" followed by a series of letters and numbers. It is also very intermittent, and of course it didn't happen at the dealer. While this is happening the controls on the radio and steering wheel don't respond and the radio can't be powered off, but the radio or CD still work. The dealer is looking into this matter of "Radio codes" to see what Hyundai says. I was wondering if it's a cold weather thing? Also, at the time of this, the power outlet in front(not cigarette lighter outlet) had stopped working. The Dealer said that this was unrelated.
  • hab1971hab1971 Posts: 1
    My 2007 Santa Fe LTD AWD has a problem where if the car sits in excessive heat, 85 degrees and upwards the radio display will illuminate but will not display anything. The unit will function ok but you can't see what you are doing with it. It happened once or twice in Vermont where it was not so much of a problem but now I have moved to Atlanta and it's becoming a nuisance. I'm at 27K miles right now so I'll be speaking with the service writer when I get to the dealership in the morning for it's scheduled oil change to be talking about my warranty options for getting everything fixed.

    My list of complaints will be as follows.

    Radio - Hot weather issue
    Drivers power seat which the switch stopped working, they disassembled the seat and broke the casing, the button fixed istelf and they left the seat disassembled telling me they could not fix it made them put the damned seat back together.
    Squeaking suspension at low speeds
    Stop Lamp switch recall, I have already experienced having the car not allowing me to move into or out of Park with the transmission.
    Rear Brake caliper seizing
  • 2009 Sante Fe Lmtd driving out of blue, radio goes out and a loud pop happens and in the sixty seconds comes back on without problems. Can anyone give a solution.
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