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Nissan sentra 2003 oil burning Dealing with nissan

tonymontana1tonymontana1 Posts: 2
edited April 2014 in Nissan
I need some help I've filed with the BBB Because of my 2003 spec v engine failure. Anybody thats gone this route. I want to talk to.


  • I have a Sentra SE-R, it is not v-spec, but I had only 50000 miles on my car and had to put a new motor in it. I bought a used motor only 30000 miles on it and now that it has hit 50000 like the other motor I am having problems again. First thing that started with my car im the RPM gauge dropped to zero and stayed, no other problems, then check engine light came on and the codes read crank shaft censor, I had replaced that several times. Well apparently that didn't take care of the problem casue I started burning oil then there went the first motor. Now again the other day my rm gauge dropped to zero and will not move check engine light is back on and the two codes are ready as the crank shaft censor again and also a censor that the local car dealership has no idea what is what, the coede is P725 reads the engine speed censor. Is this anything that you are dealing with. If not any one Please help as my car has just over 90000 miles and on the second motor maybe even third. Thanks
  • hey buddie
    The only help I can give you right now is to find out the model # of your engine.
    Mine was a qr25d hopefully yours is not. I fought with nissan for months headquater executives. they said they wouldn't do a thing for me since mine was at 90,000 too. I went out and got a new car. five months after fighting with them, I filed with the bbb better business bureau. then they finally put in a new engine.. too late for me now I have two car payments two insurence payments and i will most likely
    lose the nissan because I can't pay for both... so find out the model # of your engine and file with the bbb.
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