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I have a 99 cadillac deville and an odor is coming
from the air conditioner. Smells like damp-mildew.
What is the response out there? I have been told
that GM may have a tech bull. on this conditon.
Pls. advise.


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    Do you use the air on Recirc (Max A/C) more often than not? I have heard that this can trap moisture in the vents. In the past, I have been able to get rid of that odor by setting the AC to recirculate and spraying Lysol near the floor vents. It seems to draw it up into the system and eliminate the odor for a short time anyways.
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    In addition to pjyoung's thoughts, we have a couple of topics here that may have helpful information in them for you. Check through the posts in:

    Airconditioning (Topic #194) and
    Smelly Vent (Topic #619)

    If you don't find the help you are looking for, either of those places would be good topics for your post.

    You might also want to read through the posts in Technical Service Bulletins (Topic #5). There is a lot of good advice there on how to locate TSBs.

    By the way, it's always better to look around for a discussion already taking place that is relevant to your questions than to create a whole new topic directed at no one in particular. The easiest way to do this is to use the Topic Search feature on the left side of the page.

    Good luck, and welcome to Town Hall!

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    I had a 1885 Cimmerron, with A/C bad-breath, here in Florida and an "old school" mechanic suggested that it may be fungus or even an algea growing in the ducts as the car sat for days at a time with no A/C use. The cure was the CO2 bottle on my beer keg box! I shot the CO2 into the vents and it killed the little critters growing in the duct work. I let it sit for awhile and then ran the A/C to clear the Carbon Dioxide out. It took a few applications but it finally cleaned out the cooties! It was originally a musty smell also. My 2¢ worth. Good Luck!
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