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4Runner Starter

rmccookrmccook Member Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Toyota
I have 1990 forerunner that seems to eat starters. They work ok for a few weeks and then won't start. When trying to start their is a click. Sometimes repeated tries gets the starter to work. Also, taking a pipe and bumping the starter works sometime. I have replaced negative and positive cables with heavy duty ones. Has anyone run into this problem and have suggestions?


  • mike805mike805 Member Posts: 33
    Sounds like the solenoid is not engaging. I assume it has been replaced with the starter, if not that is your problem. If the solenoid is being replaced each time I would look at the flywheel. There may be a tooth bent or missing that is causing the problem.
  • rmccookrmccook Member Posts: 2
    When I get the starter at NAPA it comes in a box. Is the solenoid a separate part?
  • mike805mike805 Member Posts: 33
    I am not familiar with the 1990 version. In the 2007 manual it is all one assembly. The solenoid is what engages the starter motor to the flywheel and is mounted on the side of the motor (For 2007 it is called the "repair service starter kit" ). The name makes no sense to me. You can disassemble the solenoid from the starter motor but if it came as an assembly you got a new one with the starter.
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