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Nissan Maxima Keys

mawmawjmawmawj Posts: 1
My friend owns a 2000 Nissan Maxima 4dr. She recently lost her keys and when she called the local Nissan dealer, she was told they no longer made the key for her car. She towed it in and they took out the ignition, replaced it and the key, and charged her $333.54! She doesn't own a computer so asked me to look this up for her. I've looked over this website many times, so thought maybe someone could tell me if this sounds right. She just wants to know if she got ripped off or not.


  • ahossa1ahossa1 Posts: 52
    This is how it's done in New York City, at least in Queens County. You call your local dealer, parts Dept, Get the name of the parts manager or employee.Then call Nissan at 1-800-Nissan1. Instruct them to send the key code to the dealer. Then you go to the dealer with proof of ownership anf they will reprogram the key. $50 to reprogram and $85 for the key blank.
  • don't ever buy the keys at a dealer, buy it online instead at relatively way cheaper- $80 cheaper. am i pissed to realize that after having been to Gerald Nissan dealer in Naperville, IL to get new programmed key after the only key we have was misplaced and couldn't find no more. the blank key alone cost me $102.30 a piece + $37.54 to program it. total bill $261. i could have only got 1 key but to avoid misplacement again, i decided to get 2 programmed key since the $37.54 applies to 1 or more unlike if i decide to get 1 now and 1 later, i will have to pay for programming again. i just can't get over the cost of just getting a replacement key. also, i saw an ad where ace hardware can copy a chip key for $80.

    here is one of the link to where you can get a nissan blank key online
  • I bought a 2000 maxima because my other car died, Had it about a week. Was driving on the interstate last night and hit a rough spot in the road. After that it made not a squealing but something to that effect . Sounded like it was on the drivers side. I drove it to work this morning still making that noise and when I turned the steering wheel there was a popping noise.When I went to leave work I put it in reverse and there is a noise like something is grinding against something else when I tried to back up. But when I go forward it doesnt do it. My brother in -law told me to take it out of gear and he pushed it backwards and it didnt make the grinding noise. Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be?
  • Hi, just recently i had my car tuned and serviced.
    Prior to this my idle was very erratic and rough, acceleration was not smooth and a fluttering sound as if gas was not getting through fuel line to carb and a distinct lack of pickup occurred.
    My fuel filter was replaced, supposedly diagnostic program run and no faults found.
    I am not convinced the service was done well and i have been back to explain that car can start fine, run ok and then idle goes rough again, fluttering comes back and pickup acceleration is very poor.
    Could this have any thing to do with the jamming of automatic choke?
    Car can be fine and then when you turn engine off, start again, the problem occurs.
    Appreciate any wise words of advice, many thanks, Mayan1.
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