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ABS and TCS lights are on

bb32152bb32152 Posts: 9
edited August 2014 in Hyundai
I have a 02 4WD with 187 K miles . Both the ABS and TCS lights came on at the same time. I drove home and parked it over night. When I started it up in the morning the lights stayed off for about 10 miles and the came on again. any ideas and any estimates on a dealer fix?


  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    probably a defective wheel speed sensor.... get a diagnostic done even if the svc eng light is not on...
  • 93fd0793fd07 Posts: 2
    I agree with the speed sensor or it could even be as simple as an under-inflated tire.

    Good luck!

  • bb32152bb32152 Posts: 9
    I took it to the dealer and he road tested it and did a diagnostic on it. He found nothing wrong no lights or anything. I left the dealer ($50 poorer) and the lights came on . I called and said that i would be back the next time this happened. I went back a few days later when the lights came on and they rechecked it. It came up a bad sensor but they said that I would have to leave it for a day. I am bringing it in on Thursday. But since then I get a faint burning rubber smell every once in a while while driving. I check and it seems to be coming from the passenger side of the engine compartment. I have read that the smell could be from a melting sensor? Is that possible?
  • Definitely sounds like the tone wheels. Its a very common problem on older Santa Fe's. I had to replace both my front tone wheels on my 01 Santa Fe within 2 months of each other. The symptoms are the same as yours. Hyundai refused to do anything under warranty, depite the fact that the tone wheels are attached to the axle which is part of the powertrain. The dealer admitted that its a common issue as well.
  • My 02 AWD Santa Fe has 191K miles. I just noticed a high pitch whine when I have my foot on the gas. When I take my foot off the noise disappears. The noise starts about 30 mph. I thought it was a wheel bearing but the is no noise when I turn

    Any suggestions?
  • dno36dno36 Posts: 71
    Did you replace the tone wheels yourself?? How is it done?

    I need to replace one in my wifes car.


  • dno36dno36 Posts: 71
    Has anyone replaced their own tone rings/wheels??
    These are the toothed rings attached on the ends of the drive axles that the ABS sensors read for rotation.
    They are prone to corrode and crack, which randomly sets off your ABS system.
    The brake system is fine except for this.

    If mine are too expensive to repair, can I disable the ABS system until I can get it resolved??


  • bb32152bb32152 Posts: 9
    I have not. The dealer told me he would have to do it and the price tag was $500-$700 per axle The problem I have is that when the ABS is active the system engages and the brakes go into ABS mode. This is a problem on drive payment when I am trying to stop normally. There is a pulsing sound and the brakes pulse very hard
    When the ABS and TAC lights come on, the brakes act normally but without ABS assistance.
    The only way I can disable it is by pulling the fuse.
  • dno36dno36 Posts: 71
    I just found out today that pulling the #2 ABS fuse under the hood, will disable the ABS without harming any other major system.
    They sell just the tone-rings without the axles, but they are not easy to install.
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