2008 T & C overhead console removal help...

clubguyclubguy Member Posts: 15
How does one remove the front, overhead console( eyeglass holder,lights, door controls,etc) wish to find a hot wire to hard wire a radar detector...Any assistance appreciated....


  • chunchychunchy Member Posts: 1
    when you find out, let me know cause I want to lreplace the bulbs in the reading light console.
  • clubguyclubguy Member Posts: 15
    Never found out how to remove the console; ended up purchasing a battery powered detector( Passport SOLO)...sure there are some "clips and or hidden screws"....Service manual was too expensive..!!!
  • 2002tandc2002tandc Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 T and C. Open the consle door. Remove screw in the middle. The whole thing that snaps out. On quck connect on left and right. Drop the rear of console down because the front has loop connectors.
  • doublebeemerdoublebeemer Member Posts: 1
    This is for a 2008 CaravanSE: (I believe that the 2009 is similar)

    the little compartment that holds the sunglasses/conversation mirror popped out of place recently. To fix it, I needed to remove the console that holds the bin and the two courtesy lights. My wife's van does not have the power tailgate/garage door opener optional switches in the console.

    There are no screws of any sort visible! Really had me baffled. I went to "JustAnswer.com" It cost me $38 for the following hint:

    "Use a special trim removal tool #XYZ to gently pry the two front corners near the windshield, between the console and the headliner..." I used a broad, flat screwdriver, worked okay. This will release the front two of the four "one way" clips and the front edge will come down ...then tug firmly at the rear corners to pop the rear clips free...it takes quite a bit of force.

    Once all four pins/clips are free, undo the two headers that connect the courtesy/map lights.

    To re-install, I gently worked the clips out of their sockets in the ceiling of the van and re-installed them on the flat posts of the console. Re-connect the lights and replace the foam tape that holds their wiring in place (I presume to stop rattling) Close all doors of the van, wait for the lights to go out. Line up the four tabs with their sockets. Whack each corner with your fist to seat the clips.

    (If you do this with the lights on, you'll probably break the filaments of the map light bulbs as you whack the console). Hope this helps you out!
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