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Am in my 70's now, and imagine this will probably be my last car. Thinking of a new 2009 Avalon, but have a few questions, please:

My number one requirement, by far, is reliability. It would be very hard and inconvenient for me now to spend the better part of a day in a service dept waiting for repairs.

The Avalon seems to have a great reliability record, but am a bit concerned about what I have read in several newsgroups and forums re the transmission.
Have heard, and have read in a few places that the 2008 models had something called or referred to as a
hesitation when accelerating. Was blamed, on a transmission fault, apparently.

None of what I read was very clear on exactly what was happening, but several posters were really annoyed that apparently when they pressed on the gas to "go," there was a momentary, or longer, hesitation before anything actually happened.

Can anyone discuss this a bit more, please ?

Was, or is it, a "real problem ?

Corrected on the late 2008 and hopefully on the 2009's do you think ?

Any other comments or opinions on items I should possibly be concerned about, or the car in general, would be most appreciated. e.g., would you buy another one, what don't you like about it, etc. ?

Much thanks; appreciate it,


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    I'm in my 70s also and bought an '08 Avalon Ltd. in February and now have about 9,000 miles on it. My other Toyota is a '98 Sienna with about 210,000 miles on it. That van has been extremely reliable, however, I have kept up with maintenance. My feeling is that in a forum like this you are more likely to overwhelmingly hear about problems rather than the good points. With my Avalon I'm very happy with the overall car, the handling, ride, electronic gadgets, etc. The transmission (6 speed) is precise and the car does what I want it to do. Not many cars can match it leaving a red light. I understand the '09 is not much different from the '08. The Avalon is exactly what I wanted: a Turnpike Cruiser.

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    I bought an 07 Avalon in Nov. of 2006. Early on, there was a slight hesitation in the transmission shift at various low speeds. I took it to the dealer and asked for the TSB reprogramming fix that had been mentioned on this board. It took about 20 min. and the car has been fine since. Toyota did have an issue with the 5 speed that I have, but I am not sure about the new 6 speeds in the 08 and 09 models. I would assume that if there is a problem, Toyota could fix it as easily as my problem was corrected.

    I have 16000 miles on the car, and it fits my needs perfectly. Very comfortable, lots of room, plenty of power, and an honest 30+ MPG on the road. Service and maint. is performed per the manual, and the vehicle has been trouble free to date.

    I, too, am in my early 70's and I would recommend the Avalon to anyone who appreciates quality and comfort.
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    Hi Bob.. let me chime in with my 2 cents worth here. Like someone else stated, there is alot of good information that comes off this board, but in some cases there seems to be some nit-picking. I'm 53 and I have never... never had a car that was "perfect". I bought my 07 Avalon 2 years ago, it was my first Toyota, and based on my limited experience, it will definetly NOT be my last. I love my Avy.. and I've owned everything from Corvairs (sp) to Cadillacs. The Avalon gives me plenty of room and comfort, very good gas mileage for a car with this kind of performance and so far... very reliable. I have had only one issue with mine, and that was a rattle in the sunroof during cold weather. And I think the dealership fixed that, won't know for sure until next winter. Other than that, I would recommend this car to anyone in the market. Good luck with your decision. oh, just one more thing, I don't have it on my car, but from what I've read, you may want to avoid getting one with navigation. Most of the comments I've read on this board about that are negative. But hey, I'm sure in all your years of traveling, you've been able to find your way around without some high tech gadget telling you where to turn. I know I have.

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    I’m in my upper 40’s and the avy's been with me since last September. 9K miles later and no major issues to talk about. I’ve been affected, though, with the ‘subtle” rattling of some dashboard/console components. I’ve fixed those myself. Vehicle’s response to sudden acceleration is excellent. Shifting points are very smooth and MPG is also excellent (maximum 35 mpg of highway driving in my case).

    Most electronic gadgets on board satisfy me, including the sound system (my rack system at home is mostly McIntosh). The exception here is the voice recognition software; it doesn’t understand a thing of what I say. The GPS is not intended for everyone (Toyota is at fault here for not double-checking on Denso). The system works great and is very accurate; I’m in love with it but the absence of a comprehensive manual makes it useless to many drivers.

    '08 Limited
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    Bobr14 - if the dealer followed the service bulletin, your roof is fixed. My 2006 had a rattling sunroof, and Toyota Dealer was unaware. Lexus Dealer was, since they had to repair many. Since Avalon is on a Lexus chassis, dealer had to have district svc mgr look at the car, and inform the Dealer of the TSB and how to repair the roof.
    45,000 miles later it's not an issue.
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    Today Toyota has officially recalled 2.3 million (so far) vehicles to fix the sticking accelerator pedal problem. This event can occur even if the previously suspect floor mats are NOT in the car. As more information becomes available it will certainly be posted in these forums.

    For now, all drivers should use extreme CAUTION when depressing the accelerator to pass. Be alert. Tell your husband/wife and children about this if they drive the car. And keep the forum up to date on all personal experiences... :)
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    I'll google it, but is there a list of cars that are being recalled? Mine is an '07 Avalon.

    Friends of ours have a Camry (don't recall the year) that's had the acceleration problem and brought to the dealership several times only to be told it was their fault for the accelerator catching on the carpet. No doubt they'll be glad Toyota is recalling their car.

    Edited to add:
    A quick google search found this:
    In June 2008, Toyota decided the issue was a "driveability issue unrelated to safety."

    It subsequently received similar complaints in Europe. By October 2009, Toyota had received reports in the United States of sticking accelerator pedals, which led to today's recall.

    No fix or timetable has been announced.

    The new recall includes:

    • 2009-10 RAV4

    • 2009-10 Corolla

    • 2009-10 Matrix

    • 2005-10 Avalon

    • 2007-10 Camry

    • 2010 Highlander

    • 2007-10 Tundra

    • 2008-10 Sequoia

    The 2009-10 Pontiac Vibe -- which was assembled at the same factory as the Matrix -- is also going to be recalled.

    From The Detroit News: http://www.detnews.com/article/20100121/AUTO01/1210492/Toyota-issues-new-recall-- of-2.3M-vehicles#ixzz0dopcOtHJ

    If "No fix or timetable has been announced." then what's the recall all about? Giving your car back to Toyota until they find out what needs to be fixed and how to fix it?
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    You can keep up-to-speed on the latest news about the recall in this discussion:: Toyota Accelerator Stuck Problem Recall


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    I am highly suspicious of the quality of technology in the Avalon. I bought a new 2008 Avalon Limited. The FM radio worked fine for two years and then the FM became full of static, almost completely unusable. Toyota representatives can't/won't fix it and tell me that this is normal for this car! If they can't provide reliable or repair ancient FM radio technology, imagine how screwed-up other technology in this car may be.
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    This car has almost 70k. No issues with it except xenon on driver's side stopped auto balancing. I have ignored it and it is adjusted fine for me. Car has been rock solid and I have yet to find a better replacement for me. I like to swap out cars before 100k... The hype on toyota was very political as far as I am concerned. I would buy another. I always put mobile 1 in for service. Now all the new toyota recommendations I am told are going to synthetic.
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