Mazda Miata Heat and AC Problems

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Just got my new 2008 Miata and am loving it. However, I get very warm - almost hot air from the dash & other vent ducts even when the temp. dial is set to max. cold. Get VERY hot air when temp is set to warmest setting. Will get cool/cold air when A/C is turned on. Wonder if a heater gate valve is not closing fully. Anyone else have this problem or have insights?


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    My 2008 is the same. You have to turn the blower control to off when not using the AC.
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    Just got my 2008 Miata and having the same problem. Have the dealer checked it out and they found everything to be "within spec!?" I have read solutions for earlier models. It shows you how to adjust the open/close position of the heated air flow control cable which located behind the glove compartment. I wasn't able to find the cable on a 2008. Anyone out there have a solution or suggestions? Thanks.
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    My car starts fine and seems to run good. But lateley when I am driving along it just stops running no jerking no sputtering just stops running? I stop put the car in park wait about 30 to 40 sec. and it starts right up and away I go. Not sure why it stops can you help.

    Thank you.

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    Any malfunction indicator lights come on?

    What year? Transmission?
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    This is a 1993 with automatic and overdrive 184000 miles. Yes when the car dies the check engine and battery light come on. It died on my way to work today and would not re start. I had to have it towed home. After charging the battery I checked to see if there was any spark from the coil to the spark plug no spark. I then checked to see if I was getting power to the coil. Yes power to coil. I am not sure if there is a distributor as I am not sure what it looks like? after checking the coil for spark i then tried to start threw car it started and ran like a top for about 15 min. then it died and again no spark and will not start. Do you think in could be the coil?
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    Hmm, I had a 93, manual, let's see...

    I had a coil go bad on a Forester and it started misfiring, so it could definitely be the coil. 184k miles is a long life for an ignition coil.

    It could also be the wires. The ignition wires on my 93 only lasted about 30k miles. I changed them TWICE in 87k miles, so if yours are older I would start there since it's cheaper than a new coil.
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