2010/2011 Kia Amanti

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Kia is going to replace the Amanti sometime in the next couple of years. The car will be built on the Hyundai Genesis platform. The car will be codenamed CH. A v6 and a v8 will power this new car. There is a car codenamed VG but that's a car that will slot in between the Optima and Amanti. CH will slot above the VG. It will be even more luxurious than the VG and will probably outclass the Amanti. The soft plush ride will probably be replaced with a more firm ride. Thats all I know so far for now.


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    Kia is going ahead with a luxury car larger than the VG, even with the current gas price situation? I guess they also liked the idea of building Borrego, a large SUV, in this same situation. It's a beautiful SUV, the Borrego, and I'll bet this new luxurious Kia passenger car will be beautiful and nice, too, with generous Warranty coverage to boot. One of the cool things about Kia Motors is you get more for less money, so, have at it gentlemen!

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    I guess CH has been scrapped. The VG might just replace that car.
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    It appears that the CH is a go, but RWD and smaller than the VG.
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