Yukon Hazard Switch Problems

lammy2lammy2 Member Posts: 2
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Unless I keep a piece of paper next to the harard switch, the brake lights dont work and the engine acts like it doesnt want to run. Also, I have heard several clicking sounds when I have turned the key off and removed it. Just wonder if its a wire shorting out or a fuse problem or if anyone has had this type of problem before. I hear a clicking sound also when I apply pressure to the brake pedal. I am hoping to find some advice/help before I pay dealership price for repairs.


  • TXoldfoolTXoldfool Member Posts: 1
    I need to replace the stalk assembly on the steering column. How is the shroud around it removed?
    Looking from the underside I see deep wells but there are no screw heads at
    the bottom of the little wells.
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