1998 buick riviera power loss

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I have a 1998 riviera that I bought with only 5700
miles on it, it has the supercharged engine.
Between 35 and 40 mph, the engines seems to die
alittle, like it bogging down and starving for
horsepower, you can hear it,especially on hills, if
I give it more gas, it kicks down a gear and is
fine. Is this normal,


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    What you're probably feeling is the torque converter clutch coming on. Next time it happens, press lightly on the brake pedal with your left foot (enough to turn on the brake lights) while holding the accelerator steady. That'll disengage the TCC. If performance picks up, you might want to check with your Buick dealer and see if there's a software update to raise the TCC engagement speed.

    How do you like your Riv so far? My '96 is one of 647 shipped to Canada that year and I love it!
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    A local Buick dealer has a fully loaded '97 w/ supercharged engine and 44K miles going for $16,500. I really love the car and am thinking about taking it for a test drive, but, first, I would like to hear from anyone who would be good enough to share their experiences with this car. I need a reliable car that I can count on for my commute. I think it's alot of car for the money, but, believe it or not, I'm concerned about the car's longevity, what with 44K on it already. Would I be able to get another 40 - 50K out of the engine and tranny without being faced with big repair bills ( I am religious when it comes to scheduled maintenance!) Thanks to all for any info you can give me! John
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    A superb car. My '96 Riviera has 60,000 miles on it and runs like new. The Series II 3800 is one of GM's best engines, the transaxle is strong, and drive gear problems with the supercharger (1995's) have been eliminated. One area of concern with the Riv is the ABS pressure modulator. It's $1,066 retail (Cdn), and doesn't like dirty brake fluid. If the brake hydraulic system hasn't been flushed yet, which it probably hasn't, it's due. Aside from that, it's a lot of bang for the buck.

    Something you might want to consider is an aftermarket extended warranty with the "high tech" option which covers all the electronic goodies. I bought one with my Riv even though I'm a licensed tech, just in case........

    BTW, if you take the VIN to any GM dealer, they can provide you with the complete warranty repair history and any outstanding recalls.

    About the only downside is that you have to get used to pulling it MUCH further into the garage. I almost cut 2 feet off the back of mine with the garage door the day I brought it home. It's about 3 blocks longer than my Laser :-)
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    I have a 97, with 43k miles on it, which I love dearly. It's a joy to drive, has all the power I need, and does just about everything except iron my shirts. If you like music as you drive, the sound system is first-rate. Also, for all its size & weight the Riv. is amazingly economical once you get out on the highway. The car has been pretty much trouble-free EXCEPT that the transmission went at 38k, just out of warranty. Fortunately, I'd bought the extended warranty insurance, and it was covered. The dealership service manager said it was his first Riv. tranny to fail--but I see from this board that other folks have had troubles. So be sure to have the car thoroughly inspected. Incidentally, after my experience, it occurs to me that cobraman's problem may be in the transmission.

    It's the kind of car that should be kept in concours condition to look its best. I used to be a fanatical waxer & polisher, but with these new paints I prefer to take it in to our local dealship 2 or 3 times a year for cleaning & waxing--they do a spectacular job for about $100.

    If you decide to get one, best of luck--the only car I've enjoyed owning as much was my '64 MGB.
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    I have a 98 Riv with 50,000 miles on it and the transmission has just went out. I now have it in the shop for repairs, and I know the warranty went out at 36,000 miles, but it just seems like the transmission should have lasted longer than that. I love my car, but about 6 months ago I had to put in a new water pump and then now on top of the transmission the altenator (hopefully I spelled this correctly) has a bad bearing in it and will need to be replaced after they finish with the transmission. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have tried calling my dealership and can't get anyone to return my calls. Help?
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