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Mazda CX-9 Rear Accessory Socket

mmbetzmmbetz Posts: 6
edited March 2014 in Mazda
I'm having a problem with my rear power accessory socket. It seemed to work when I first plugged in an inverter, but now, there is no power. The front accessory socket and the one in the center console work, but not the rear.

The inverter is rated at an output of 100W @110V. The input is 12-15 VDC at 10- 25 Amps. I can't imagine a cell phone charger would pull that much current.

Regardless, I can't find a fuse for that rear outlet. Is it buried somewhere other than on the main fuse panel?


  • mmbetzmmbetz Posts: 6
    Why don't you read your manual, you MORON? Page 8-47

    Heh, heh, heh - I'll reply to my own post:

    Because I didn't know there were TWO fuse boxes on the vehicle. When the cover of the interior fuse box lists:

    1 OUTLET FR 15A Accessory Socket (Front)

    21 OUTLET CTR ― ―
    22 OUTLET RR ― ―
    But there are no fuses for 21 & 22, I have to guess they all run off fuse 1. Bad guess.

    So, my new question: Should a 100W inverter pop a 12VDC15A fuse?
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    When you said 100W inverter, is it average wattage or peak wattage?
    V * I = W (I is current => Amper)
    so 12V * 15A = 180W average.
    The fuse can handle upto 180W average wattage. (of course, to be conservative, Mazda says 120W or 100W). If the wattage exceed 180W for a few seconds, the fuse might be blown.

    Current->heat->blown fuse.
    The problem you had could be either bad contact or blown fuse.
  • mmbetzmmbetz Posts: 6
    Thanks for your thoughts, ceric.

    I presume the 100 W rating is nominal. It's interesting that the inverter says the input current range is 5 - 25 Amps. If the current draw can vary over that large of a range, the inverter must be capable of putting out 300 W peaks (12V * 25A). That kind of draw could certainly pop a 15A fuse. But the cell phone charger that was plugged into the inverter is rated at 0.15A - so that didn't do it.

    And the other thing: Once I learned that there are TWO fuse boxes, I checked the fuse for the rear outlet. I pulled it out - it looked like it might be blown, but I don't have any replacements yet - put it back in... and now the outlet works.

    It's (temporarily) still a mystery.
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