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Hyundai Azera Bluetooth

budhbudh Member Posts: 109
edited September 2014 in Hyundai
Is the bluetooth available from Hyundai on new Azeras (and Sonatas) able to mute the radio in the vehicle?

If not, is there any other bluetooth system out there that can be installed in the Azera to be able to mute the radio automatically?

Will Hyundai ever get a normal factory installed bluetooth (and not a "PIO" option)?

Bud H


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    jbparadisojbparadiso Member Posts: 2
    I installed a Parrott 3200LS in my Azera and it works great! It pairs with your phone automatically and allows hands-free calling. I had mine installed at Circuit City. They told me that they didn't know whether or not it would be able to mute the radio until they installed it. It depends on whether or not your system has a "mute wire." Luckily, mine did (Infinity system in the Limited). They did a real clean job at installation. The unit mounts on the dashboard, with about 2 inches of exposed wiring. The microphone mounts at the top of the windshield in the headliner. Bottom line, I'm very pleased with mine.
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    wobbly_earswobbly_ears Member Posts: 160
    Can you take some pictures of your installation & post it? I also want to install a bluetooth module on my 07 Azzy Limited. Infact, I even enquired at my local Hyundai dealer if the PIO Bluetooth option available for 09 Azzy can be fitted onto the 07 Azzys. But apparently it can't be done. So, I'm really interested in seeing how your installation looks.
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    parrotsquawkparrotsquawk Member Posts: 28
    I have the mute function on the radio of my 2009 Limited. I also have the headliner mounted bluetooth unit, Any way to have that unit activate the mute?
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    black_pearlblack_pearl Member Posts: 15
    I know this is probably two years too late but I have the bluethooth unit installed in my '06 azera limited....my old dealer in Va had no problem whatsoever installing it and to this day three years later it works like a charm!!!
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