Engine Problem in 2005 Honda Odyssey

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I heard a knocking sound coming from the engine and took my honda to a dealership. I was told that that the engine is damaged beyond the point where it can be repaired and needs to be replaced. As a reason for the damage they stated a lack of oil. It was said that the engine was running dry missing 2.5 quarters of oil! No indication of oil shortage was apparent - no oil leaks, no blue exhaust, no overheating of engine , no low low pressure for oil sign on the dashboard.
Another thing that I was surprised about is that they couldn't identify the problem with the computer diagnostics. The only way is to disassemble the engine which would cost me more than just replace it.
Any thoughts and opinions will be appreciated
Once more thing. Can anyone tell me if Honda Odyssey 2005 has power-train warranty coverage up to 5yr/60,000 miles? It seems like 2006, 2007, 2008 have but my warranty booklet says that the coverage is only 3yr/36,000


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    Strange that it would be down that much oil. You would think that you would have noticed the engine making more noise than normal before the knocking began, Warranty for 2005 is 3yr/36000 miles. 2006+ is 5yr/60000 miles.
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    2.5 qt is quite a lot
    when was the last time you check the engine oil
    did you have hard time with the guy in last engine oil change, so he filled only 2 qt instead 4.5 qt?
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    I just got back from Jiffy Lube. They changed the oil maybe 2 months ago and 2000 miles ago. The Oil Idiot Light came on last night as my wife drove it maybe 6 miles after it came on. At Jiffy Lube they, checked the level and it was 2 quarts low. They checked the plug and filter and any leaks all were okay. I haven't noticed any blue smoke or obvious leaks although the bottom is wet from the slush and snow. Jiffy lube topped off the oil and shut the light out. He told me to come back in two weeks and he would recheck it. In the meantime, I will check the oil on every fuel up. Any idea on what may have happened?
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