Mazda CX-9 dockable dvd system vs dvd headrests

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Is anyone willing to review their dockable dvd entertainment system with gameboy in their cx-9? I'm concerned the dvd player folding down from the ceiling would obstruct my view and wondering if the driver has control over the volume and power of the system.

Does anyone have dvd headrests and willing to share price paid? Also were these installed before picking up the car from the dealers?


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    Find myself in a similar situation in the DVD after market and would love to get feedback. Local shop quoted 1400 to install a pair of Rosen DVD headrests (have been told that this vendor is top of the line)
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    My dealer here in US quoted 2000 for the Rosen DVD headrests.
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    I bought my CX-9 a couple of months ago and I couldnt get the color combo I wanted and all the features. So we talked to the dealer and it was 1400 for the duel dvd that played one movie on both screens or 1700 for the duel dvd to play two movies on two screens. This is also covered under the mazda warrenty which i loved. It takes about 2-3 hours to get them installed and they are nice. They come with 2 remotes and 2 headrests. I have never had the fold down dvd so i cant say anything about that but i have to say my three boys and I love the headrest im trying to talk my husband to get them installed in the third row lol.
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    "This is also covered under the mazda warrenty which i loved."

    Actually, it's not covered under Mazda's warranty, but the dealer is likely covering it internally. Just make sure you take it back to them for repairs.
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    The Headrests are covered under the warrenty with Mazda. It is a Mazda product which is under the warrenty. I did my homework before I bought my options. Since I'm not close to the dealership which I bought my CUV I made sure it can be taken to any Mazda dealership for repairs with the warrenty.
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    Hi, I've been trying to get the overall dimensions of the dockable DVD entertainment system for the CX-9. I needc to know how much space it take up on the headliner. My dealer does not have one in stock and says he can not find that info. I was able to get the install instructions but that does not have the dimensions referenced in it. Any one have one they can measure? Alsso how do you like it overall?
    Thank you
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    I have one on order and it should be in next week. Once they install it I will measure and take pictures and post a link to the info here.
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    That's great....appreciate the help.
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