Chirping, squealing

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I have a 1998 Saturn and I realize it is older but runs great except I have noticed a chirping sound, kind of like a squeal, chirp but it disappears. Before I go to a Saturn dealer and they see me as a female coming I would like some ideas as to what it might be. Any help would be welcomed. It stops and doesn't always happen so I can't say it is everytime I drive it.


  • bethanndeebethanndee Member Posts: 6
    Sorry, I really don't have a good idea. My 98 Saturn just squeaks and rattles, no chirp.

    Do you have an idea of when it does it? Is it during braking, or just after start up, or while going over bumps?

    My Saturn kinda needs a new rear sway bar, although not urgently. When I go over even the smallest bump, there is a squeak that comes from the rear of the car. If your car makes the noise while going over minor bumps, that could be it.
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    Sounds like it may be a loose fan belt or accessory belt - they will chirp and/or squeal when too loose. And it doesn't happen all the time, unless the belt is really loose.
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    I've had the same problem for a year. Intermittant chirping, almost always after driving for some time at highway speeds. I took my 02 Saturn to the local Firestone center. They drove it until they heard the chirping, then put it up on the rack and determined the noise is coming from the transmission. I don't know what my next step is to be. I'm hoping to hear from other Saturn owners with the same problem.
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    My 97 SC1 (manual, 126k miles) has all kinds of noises. I try and and address each one as they happen, and as I have the time to troubleshoot.

    Some are interior and some seem to be outside. Some happen at idle while sitting still, others occur while running down the highway.

    Found one just last night....a chirping sound coming from the passenger side of the car (interior). It turned out to be so simple...the hand rest. Yes, it is slightly loose and therefore, at certain idle speeds (vibration/frequency) it produces a small chirp. So, I plan to remove the side covers that expose the screws and either tighten or possible place a small amount of lubricant to stop the sound.

    1 down and 10 more to go. Eventually I'll get them all.

    I also noticed on Saturnspot that a big problem with shuddering/noises/chirping/squealing, etc, that occur due to engine vibration, could be caused by worn out motor or transmission mounts. So, I plan to check them out and possibly replace.

    Other places I have found and stopped different sounds:
    -Drivers side brake/stop light assemble was loose and would sometimes make a rattling noise.
    -Several dash areas squeaks.
    -The hood latch was loose, causing a rattle of the hood. I adjusted the length of the hood stops (1 on each side).
    -Also, one rear speaker was vibrating really bad at times because one of 4 screws had become extremely loose. That's now tightened and fixed.

    And the list goes on and on.
  • saturnbluesaturnblue Member Posts: 10
    It sounds like your disc pads are really worn down and the sound you're hearing is the glazed metal and the metal piece on the pads making contact with the rotors every time you brake or brake hard.
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