Acura TSX Electrical Issues

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Just picked up an 04 tsx for a good price at a Nissan dealer. Took it to mechanic first who oked it for me, They would not warranty car. Did find some small problems (ie CD player and passanger side window switch) Negotiated a 400 discount due to the CD, and have found someone who wiill fix it for 300. Here's the problem.

When I brought the car home, went through the car, the left rear backup light is not working(the round one), and the rear right light that goes one with the headlights is not working. Took it back dispite the as is sale, the mechanic tried, but obiously doesn't know what he's doing.

The first thing he did was disconect the battery, without knowing the nav or radio codes, so I was on the phone with acura while sitting inside the trunk in their shop.

Would anyone know what the cause of the light problem would be?. Believe it or not, otherwise the car is real nice, drives well. But, I would not have chosen the RED color if I had a choice. I look like a fireball going down the street.

By the way, YES, I am a little teed off at the mechanic who OKED the car for me. I did pay them to go through the car. But, they've been working on my Hondas and Acuras for years, and don't want to burn that bridge.....


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    I will also be teed off with the mechanic. Does not sound like he knows what they are doing. You did buy the car "As is". I own a red/ebony 06 MT tsx, bought new 11/06. It has 58,000+problem free miles. I get alot of compliments on how nice my car looks.
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    i don't understand your question.

    On the rear of the vehicle, you have your rear side marker lights, your signal lights, your brake lamps (the outer most round red lights), your parking lamps (on the trunk red round lights) and the backup lights. None of these lights illuminate with the headlights. all your markers and driving lights(including your brake lamps dual filament) will turn on with your parking lights.

    Are you saying that the right parking lamp on the trunk and the left back up light are not functioning?

    couple of things to trouble shoot..
    ** there is a TSB for Acura TSX 2004. There was a problem with a wiring harness at one point where the wires would rub through. This would only affect lights on the trunk lid, though. Might be worth a call to the dealership or acura to find out if the car has had the wiring harness inspected
    1. Replace bulb with new one
    2. Using a DMM, check for voltage in the socket when parking lights are on
    3. If it is a parking light, they should be in parallel from one central point. I will try and check my manual later to see what the deal it.
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    I had the lights fixed. Mechanic added new grounds to the lights that weren't working. He said that was much less expensive than tracking down the problem in the harness. He didn't know what could have caused the problem. Your explaination of a possiible harness recall sounds around right. If I have any more problems withi it, I'll go to the dealer. Now, I'm working on improving the MPG. Changed air filter. Changed spark plugs. When I took out the old plugs, I saw the prior owner had Spit Fire plugs insattled, which I replaced with NGK(somewhat pricy compared to plugs I've bought for other cars). Car chimmys a little above 55, I will have the wheels balanced, alignment seems OK. Otherwise, car drives good... Next, the radio. I think some of the radio installers I've called with my idea wanted to refer me to a shrink, with my idea of adding my Kenwood excelon as a second radio.
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    ok so sometime when im out driving my 04 Acura tsx the engine light will come on as well as my ASE light. the car will start to drive sort of sluggish and when i come to a complete stop and start to accelerate again it will take awhile for the car to gain its speed.
    Does anyone know what the problem could be? and is it safe to continue to drive the car?
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    I,m certainly no epert, but that sounds like some type of spark problem.. As a follow up to my post above, after noticing shaking at accelleration I had to replace two front axles, but now the car drives perfect. Might need an alignment though. And, I installed my secod radio, and both work, one at a time. That was my solution to geting my serius in the car...
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