Best spark plugs for '92 SC DOHC - HELP!

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I'm doing the wires & plugs in my new used 92 SC DOHC with 200K & no mods... It's my first attempt at plugs in 15 years & I'm lost. I'm planning to use Napa's Belden $30 wires.

-- Does it matter if the plugs are generic or for the model?

-- Is it good to upgrade to platinum or not (I'm getting different answers at the store.)?

-- Is it best to stay with ACDelco brand that GM used originally. (My last car cared about the brand.)

What are the best choice plugs to get? Napa has standard ACDelco 41-627 for $3.00 specific for these cars. Advance has a generic version of it, ACDelco 41-629 for lots of cars for $2.00. NAPA has platinum ACDelcos that will fit 41-808.

Does anyone have any experience to offer in general or specific to these plugs? I'll like to do it on my day off tomorrow, went to get the parts today...

Thanks so much!


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    I called a Saturn dealer, & they sell an NGK standard plug. He said the mechanics report trouble with platinum upgrades.

    So that 's what I'm going with, but from NAPA. The ACDelco 41-808 is a Platinum & costs $7 a plug vs. $2.10 for NGK. It's unclear what the original plug was, but the NGK has been the Saturn used one for at least 5 years. ACDelco does not recommend the standard plugs by them that Napa & Advance sell for it (41-629 & 41-627).

    I'm posting this just in case someone else has the same question & wonders what solution I came up with.
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