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just bought a 2008 limited for the wife. So far she loves it.

We cannot pull it into the garage with the antenna on. I'm looking for a shorter one or another solultion anyone have this problem? I took the antenna post off, leaving just the base and the reception is still fine

Cannot program homelink. Push the two buttons in as per the manual, but they never blink to indicate the start of the programming, the light just stay red. Tried with key on, ACcc, and running.


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    I assume you have a standard size garage door, does it travel all the way up? If not, try adjusting the garage door opener so it travels up higher to clear the antenna. This is fairly easy on most openers, check your manual.

    For the hoemlink programming, are you holding the buttons for 20 seconds? The manual says it takes about 20 seconds for the lights to blink. Whe I first got the Santa Fe, I had the homelink programmed in a couple of seconds. When I got a new openner, I do recall that programming homelink was a lot of trail and error until I got it to work.
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    You have to hold the buttons down for what seems like a really long time. Do you have an older garage door opener?? What brand?? I had to do a couple of tries, but got it to work pretty quick. My opener is 11 years old but a major brand name. In the owners manual they tell you what to do if the standard proceedure doesn't work. Did you try that?? I know it's frustrating not to be able to get all the gadgets to work, but usually it's just a simple sequencing error that causes the problems. Good luck!
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    I have a standard size garage door, antenna would have to be cut in half to clear. Door is up as high as it will go. We have our Ford Explorer in the garage and it cleared fine, although I did cut several inches out of that antenna. But that is the old style with the ball on top, easy mod - pop the ball, cut, re-install the ball..

    Opener is a standard opener, no roaming code. The homelink in my 300M (traded in on the wife's Santa Fe, now I drive her old Explorer) worked fine on that opener.
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    Mine is an old style remote too (not newer "rolling code"). Programming was easy and like others said:
    - Hold the button on the mirror (homelink) you want to program (just one button, not buttons like some said) in for 20 seconds after which it will start to blink slowly.
    - While still pushing the button on the mirror, push and hold the button on your old opener while 1 to 3 inches away from the mirror.
    - When red mirror light (homelink) begins to blink fast, release the mirror button and the opener button and you are done. One note, when using the mirror buttons they have to be pressed in for about 1 second to work. A real quick punch won't do it.

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    I currently own a 2003 Santa Fe. 4WD. I'll be looking to purchase a new vehicle in a year or two. While I read about different manufacturers coming out with a "Crossover" vehicle I'm wondering if they are solely front wheel drive or if they come in AWD or 4WD.
    My experience is that given the winter storms in the greater Boston MA. area I really don't need to purchase another 4WD (although I've had 2 Explorers and 3 Jeep Wagoneer's in 38 years) So I ask the experts out there if they've had good luck with a crossover vehicle and which products seem to be better for them. I like the size of the Santa Fe and can't see getting anything smaller where I need the room in the back with the back seats down to carry large items.
    I'd like to gather some information from new SUV vehicle owners whether or not they've purchased a crossover or choose to remain with the traditional types currently on the market. While reading what they think is the best vehicles out there.
    Many Thanks in advance for your imput~
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