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V70 2001 2.4 Does not start promptly when engine cold

cobwabocobwabo Member Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in Volvo
The car does not start quickly when the engine is cold but starts immediately when the engine is warm. We replaced the spark plugs and ran diagnostics on the starter, alternator and battery - all fine.
Anybody have any input on what this could be?


  • camydogcamydog Member Posts: 64
    I don't have a direct answer for you about why it won't start but I can suggest a couple of things.

    First, you didn't mention if you did other tune-up items when you replaced the spark plugs. When I trouble shoot an engine, I think about fuel, air and spark. You took care of most of the spark. Other things such as plug wires could cause a problem in an older car ( I have an '01 also). The fuel filter would also be a good thing to change. They are very easy to change, the easiest I have changed. Check other tune-up items in the service section of the manual. If you don't find them there, check previous service invoices from the dealer for itemized tasks they performed.

    Second, if this problem just started in the past week or two, you may have purchased a bad tank of gas. A bad tank of gas, too much water, could contaminate the fuel filter.

    The third thing, depending on the mileage on your car, could be fuel leak-down. This is when the fuel pressure in your lines bleeds off after a certain amount of time and it takes your fuel pump longer to get the fuel through the injectors to your engine. There are a few places this could happen in the fuel system without seeing a leak on your garage floor.

    Hope all this helps. There may be people that are able to add to what I have suggested. Good luck.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Member Posts: 3,118
    My first guess is your battery is getting weak. This is the time of year (cold mornings) when worn out batteries reveal themselves. When it's warm, it works fine, but cold cranking is a challenge.
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