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I just purchased a 2008 1500 4X4 5.7 multi displacement. Reading about the 2009 I am told it has a light in the instrument panel telling when the multi system is activated. I don't have such a light that I can find anyway on the 2008. Is there any other way to tell when you are running on 4 cylinders?


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    Everyone else that purchased an MDS HEMI in 2006, 2007 & 2008 are trying to figure this out also. There is NO MDS light and the owners manual says very little about this important engine function. Not exactly sure why that is? It was a MAJOR reason why I bought Dodge so you'd think they would advertise the heck out of it. It is supposed to come on at low RPM's at over 18 MPH but not more than 65 MPH (from what I have learned) but no one can get the exact and correct info out of Dodge on this. Go figure??
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    Does any one know how I can find out what options my dodge ram has. Can get a copy or see the the paper that was on the original sheet on the window. I would like to know for instance if the previous owner maybe for example ordered a different rear or other options I may not know about. Please help.
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    Not sure how you ended up here instead of Dodge Ram General Shopping Questions, but the answer is pretty easy. Any Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep dealer can pull that list for you from the VIN. Just stop by the service department.

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    You can go to a dealer with your VIN as our host recommended, but you should also have a decal affixed to the inside of the glove box door listing major equipment, of which the type of axle and ratio will be listed.

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