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Honda Passport Timing Belt and Head Gasket

ducks13ducks13 Posts: 5
edited July 2014 in Honda

I have a 97 Passport with 147,000 miles on it, 3.2V6. It started making a noise like a belt with a bad idler pully; unfortunately it seems to be the timing belt rather than one of the accessory belts. While I have it apart that far I want to replace the left side head gasket, it has been leaking a little bit for a couple of years. Does anyone have enough experience with this engine to tell me what else I should replace while I have it this far apart?

I don't have the timing covers off but am pretty sure I will find a bad timing belt idler pully bearing or tensioner pulley bearing, does anyone have experience with them going bad?

I plan to of course replace the timing belt and all the accessory drive belts. I am thinking about replacing the water pump while I am there to, I presume they do fail sometimes. I think I will go ahead put on a rebuilt alternator too. The cooling hoses look pretty good but am always cautious about them, should I replace both radiator hoses and the other little hoses or are they not a problem? Any other hints someone with some experience with this model will be appreciated.



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