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97 Dodge Stratus - noise when I turn the steering wheel

rolandojrrolandojr Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Dodge
I have a 97 Dodge Stratus w/81000 miles on it.
Hear is my challenge, I hear this noise when ever I
turn the steering wheel, like this whining noise,
I don't know what it could be. I'm thinking maybe
the steering box? or lack of fluid if it even takes
it. Some info on what this problem might be would
be great. Thanks in Advance!



  • I had the same problem on my Honda Accord. They had to tighten the power steering belt. It had come loose and was not catchig properly. Tightening it was all it needed and took less than 10 minutes.
  • 2k1trd2k1trd Posts: 301
    chances are the steeering rack is leaking and the fluid has gone low.Check the resevoir to see if it's low.
  • I have a 96 Stratus with 72k miles, and have the same problem, only when I turn right. It is a squealing sound coming from the wheel/column area, not from the engine compartment. There is a TSB out for this on 96 models (#190496 - "WHISTLE AND/OR HISS NOISE FROM STEERING GEAR WHEN MAKING RIGHT TURNS.") Mine has been doing this for about 30-40k miles, but I have never taken it in. It's annoying, but I can live with it. Hope this helps.
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