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I purchased an 07 Caravan brand new one year ago. After about 4 months (3000 miles) I kept hearing a creaking/squeaking sound whenever I would come to a stop. The brakes felt fine otherwise. The dealer replaced the brakes & pads & it stopped only to return about 7 months later at about 8000 miles. The dealer had a difficult time diagnosing, but finally replaced the brakes, pads & rotors and the noise disappeared again. Now, 3 months later at 11800 miles it has returned!!! This is driving me crazy. The noise comes & goes for awhile, getting louder each day. I am not sure what it is or what to do. This caravan is also very bumpy & noisy (rattles & such) it sounds awful when driving over bumps, I am a first time van owner, so.... BTW, my 08 Focus rides better than this thing!!! Any ideas on the squeaking and why it stops after brake work?


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    I have a 1997 Dodge Caravan Sport.
    About a year ago it started running for about 10-15 seconds none of the instrument lights would come on but above that where it says, oil.abs,etc.Alarm set would come on.It will sometimes be down anywhere from 7 days to hours.
    once it is started it will go all day,sometimes for weeks.
    I have had it to the Dodge dealer 2 times,they say nothing shows up. My son had his neighbor a mechanic hook it up to his computer and nothing shows up.
    I am still dealing with this.No one seems to know what is wrong. I say it is the anti-theif device.How do you disconnect it?
    Thanks, Mary
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    Is it just the lights, or do the instruments themselves (speedometer, fuel guage, tach, etc.) not work? If it is the latter, I suspect bad solder joint on the back of the instrument cluster. I have that problem, and while it only occasionally went out before, it has been out for about four days straight now. I guess it is time for me to dig out the cluster and break out the soldering iron!
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    I went to start the van and it was. dead. Put my trickle charger on and the door locks and the parking lighs both stated opening and lights flashed. The charger went nuts for thr needle went back and forth took the negative post cable off and hooked up the charger and after a few minuets put the cable back. on and started the van. Drove 20miles to tybee and everything was fine. Around 1am I woke up and the lights were flashing and the locks were opening and closing.The battery is seven years old so I went to get a new batter with my pickup.Instaled the battery and it cranked up.eight hours later we were comming home from a neighbors house and the van was doing its thing. Ihad notdriven the van since I instaled the battery, Next moorning put the back on and cranked the van.and the door locks and lights went crazy with the car running. any help would be appreciated
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